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I can practically see the gears turning in Atticus' head.

Sorry about your back! :( Did you try a hot water bottle or maybe a hot bath? I know sometimes that does wonders for aches and pains. Hope it gets better soon!
I screamed for joy when I saw you updated. Clicked it. Screamed again when I saw the stripping. Read it. Commence more fangirl screaming.

Now I am passing it to all my friends and they are repeating the entire thing. <3 Made my day, seriously!
What a coinkydink I am actually going to Italy tomorrow
Lovely page, as always. Every time I get an update from you I literally jump for joy, and although you might say you dreaded doing it the page still looks wonderful.
Cover Page suggestion?
Atticus surrounded by lots of moe-eyed, sparkly Ratattas. C: