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I'm a 21 year old English Lit major, Liberal Arts minor who enjoys romatic diners with long walks on the beach.

Or I would if I ever got to experence that type of stuff :-P
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I'm not sure how to add tags to the comic. I'll check it out.
C/3-PO -_-
Yikes, seemed I kept putting a "C" where a "3" should be in his name -_- I need to learn to proofread these comics better...
The Lightsaber Problem
There are "practice" lightsabers around the temple that they can use (in Episode II, Yoda is training with Younglings with them). Obviously they didn't make their own sabers at that age, so I assumed that's what they were there for ^_^
Anakin's Face
I don't know what happened, but for some reason, my art program didn't save Anakin's face color in one of the shots (I colored Anakin's skin all at the same and I wouldn't have missed a spot THAT big). I wondered what, we'll just say the color drained from his face.
Ani and Joone
It has been WAY to long since I drew these least together.
I really love Palmers. He's like a villain with beautiful face syndrome...only not a villain ^_^
It's ok--the graul isn't actually going to show up anymore,so I don't need the screenshot ^^; Thank you anyway.
I could only find one picture of one and it wasn't very clear. I never played any of the games they appeared in.
Oh noes!
Bum bum BUM!!!!!! I wonder how well this one is going to work out.
Hmm...wonder why Joone's not thrilled at that news. Guess we'll just have to find out.
Deviantart is being dumb, so you guys get to see this comic first!

Seems Ootini has a new goal in mind....*sigh* Joone ust has no idea that she makes the guys go wild :-P Hopefully she won't break his heart too badly.
On Lilith
Lilith = Succubus from Castlevania. I know, original name to come up with, right? -_-
WOW, do I still love that eye shot.
The New Characters
The non-Jedi characters that appear in this story arc all come from the Castlevania role play me, "Anakin", and "Mari" play in. Ani and I just joked about the idea one day, so here's the story arc.
Ugh... actually pretty hard to draw.
I love my Mari. Very very much.
Poor Obi-Wan...
Joone is going to develop a bad habit of accidently intruding onto Mari and his private time...^^;
Padawan Mari is so KEWT!
I LOVE this comic. Poor Joone...the problem with being logical means you have to be logical 24/7, not just ignore it when you want it to.
THE Kiss
The shot of Khrys kissing Joone was inspired by a Sailormoon picture that I love of Elios kissing Chibi-usa.