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Professions: Protection Officer, Cartoonist, Computer Repair

Hobbies: Kendo Practitioner,Equal Rights Advocate, Catgirl Enthusiast, Linguistics, and being a Dork
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    Johnathan Hatton
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@EnterTheNameHere: It sounds less stupid than a starred system.
Not something you want to hear from your mother...
@EnterTheNameHere: I mean, I personally don’t drink or smoke. But the context of drugs here was illegal narcotics, if you want to be technical.
That IS Marth's happy face.
@Grummancat: me too friend. It goes one way or the other.
@Eh does it really matter: I am happy to see that you’ve gone through great lengths to look into this. I often saw funny posts on tumblr and jotted it down for comic ideas. While this was several years ago so I don’t know for certain, but that more than likely was the case here. I have long since strayed from doing that from actual comics that would pop up anymore as I feel like it’s bad form and unoriginal of me, even if this is a non-profit hobby comic. Seriously, feel free to call me out again if you see something else.
Help support me cause I live in a shoebox in the street and dumpster dive in my spare time for food. Not really, but sort of...
Bills have been fairly uncooperative this year...

Characters or OCs with *reference:
15$ (USD) a character
+10$ per added character (up to 3 please)
-2$ per scantily clad catgirl (because catgirls)
+paypal fee (paypal calculates it automatically, but send it under Goods And Services)

-If you want full owner's rights, they too can be purchased and I will not share it (cause it'd be yours now).
-Want NSFW content? Sorry, I won't go hardcore there, but I will do scantily clad ecchi.
-I work through paypal or e-transfer and will arrange the price prior to starting.

Note or email me at
This is a limited time offer.

*Please send reference of the character. Do not send me a long description about what they should look like and their back story and a bunch of random pictures saying "Hair like this, shirt like this, etc..." You would be asking for concept design, not a character commission, and that is a different fee.
Hang in there, folks. No, the site isn't messing up with your notifications. I often get behind and make a bunch of comics all at once and date them when they should have been posted.
@Plasmarift: You are correct, but I'm going to leave it just to spite people it bothers.
@EnterTheNameHere: true but I suppose a bikini would be more acceptable.
@EnterTheNameHere: According to those numbers, that means there is an average of about 1.066 skeletons in the average human, despite the outdated info.
@Jamie59: 1.000000001 is still above 1
For those who don't know what Rule 34 is:

For those curious on the fanfic (adult content warning):
@MiGpilot25: That makes about as much sense as North Americans saying they speak English. They speak an evolved and localized version of English, but still claim that it's English. Much like how the Imperial system has evolved, but still claim it's the Imperial system. Arguing semantics aren't going to somehow make the system any more logical since it's the very system being criticized, no matter what you want to call it. And the British Imperial units are now legally defined in metric terms, so despite the name, it's metric.
@Killsoty: If I did, it was in the universe where I did that before.
@Plasmarift: I appreciate the feedback. Part of the problem with 2018 was that I've been burnt out with new kids and work. It's a miracle I even get these out twice a week as it is in my spare time. I've been coming up with ways to bring back the old format when I get more time, as well a using the side characters more.

Edit: I just stole your comment for the next comic.
@Killsoty: Invade Canada because I mocked the archaic measuring system only one country uses now? Have fun with that lol.
@Jamie59: oh ok it makes so much sense now lol
@Killsoty: It’s not her car. I think the only ones who had a car so far was Madison and Jim. It would make no sense to go on a date only to ask your date if you can drive their car because reasons.
@Killsoty: Here, you can legally get a Learner’s permit at 15 (possibly as early as 14) with the mindset that you can get your licence by 16. It limits you to only be able to drive so long as someone with a full licence is in the car with them, among other limitations.