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Professions: Cartoonist, Protection Officer, Private Investigator

Hobbies: Kendo Practitioner,Equal Rights Advocate, Catgirl Enthusiast, Linguistics, and Dork

I work on commission.
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    Johnathan Hatton
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There's also 117 and 156. I wasn't expecting this much nude curiosity.
Maybe Poppa Bear just snores, you don't know!
She needs TP for her bunghole.
That's a lot of filler.
Don't ask artists to work for free. Especially if they're assassins.
Now let's apply the moral to real life practice...
Dang millennials and their attempting to exist in a rough world handed to them by their parents... so annoying...
I've always said I was a "science experiment gone wrong" away from being a supervillain.
I too am like Rapunzel... :(
Coincidence? or CONSPIRACY!?
Gata is my mascot from my logo and Nessi is the artist's persona, should anyone be confused by this.
If you happen to want to share fanart, send it to
As pointed out in the comments, I botched the last comic by displaying the incorrect panel as the punchline, but it was so ironically funny to me, I left it alone. Here is the correct version I intended.
There is a perfectly logical explanation for that. It has to do with life and me being inconsistent and over a month behind in updates, so I’m tossing them in as they come, dated for when they should have been uploaded. The site is not going AWOL, just I am.
I'll be the first to tell you that Jenna is not a strong female character...
Do people even say "whoopsie" as a noun?
I hope you realize, this means war...
How oddly specific... Happy Holidays!
I really wish they'd tell you the specifications for a password first...