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Professions: Protection Officer, Cartoonist, Computer Repair

Hobbies: Kendo Practitioner,Equal Rights Advocate, Catgirl Enthusiast, Linguistics, and being a Dork
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    Johnathan Hatton
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I like to tell people like that to try saying that to their plumber.
Oddly enough, Jenna's remained 19 since before 2015.
@EmilyAnnCoons: Did the due date change? It said 15 DEC, but then mentions 01 DEC.
I think everyone is overthinking this. She just has anxiety and doesn’t like talking on the phone. It was supposed to be more of a #relatable than it was a progression of story.
@Plasmarift: It isn't
I don't understand what "nothing too sexy" means. There's no such thing as too sexy lol
I feel like this was necessary, based on the comments of the recent comics. I don't condone illegal activity, and I encourage researching local laws.
@EmilyAnnCoons: Lies! Or at least it looks like lies now. Wow I'm so unprofessional...
@Plasmarift: Good eye. Yes, it changed. I had a few rewrites and I botched that one up yet again. I've since uploaded the updated dialogue.
@Plasmarift: Wish granted.
@la 5: are you feeling ok? And did you mean Mike Judge instead of the South Park creators?
@hiddenhero220: Corrected. Thanks. In my defense, I... uh... Hey look! A catgirl riding a dinosaur!
@Jamie59: I guess smackjeeve just hates long urls so I shortened it.
@Golb989: I set the post times as if it were all on time, so they will appear like the notifications were late.
@EnterTheNameHere: Quite often I am behind schedule, so I pile them all on in hopes no one notices. It’s not a glitch. I’m just incompetent.

Florida Man: Not the hero we want, but the hero we need.
@HopelessSpirit: It’s a flash animation. If you are using an iPhone, it will not be compatible. Otherwise it should load. It’s not particularly a large file.
@Killsoty: Um, excuse you, he’s 15
I knew a girl who overused the term "literally the worst thing ever" for everything she mildly disliked.
PM sent to Emily