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Professions: Protection Officer, Cartoonist, Computer Repair

Hobbies: Kendo Practitioner,Equal Rights Advocate, Catgirl Enthusiast, Linguistics, and being a Dork
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    Johnathan Hatton
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@EmilyAnnCoons: Lies! Or at least it looks like lies now. Wow I'm so unprofessional...
@Plasmarift: Good eye. Yes, it changed. I had a few rewrites and I botched that one up yet again. I've since uploaded the updated dialogue.
@Plasmarift: Wish granted.
@la 5: are you feeling ok? And did you mean Mike Judge instead of the South Park creators?
@hiddenhero220: Corrected. Thanks. In my defense, I... uh... Hey look! A catgirl riding a dinosaur!
@Jamie59: I guess smackjeeve just hates long urls so I shortened it.
@Golb989: I set the post times as if it were all on time, so they will appear like the notifications were late.
@EnterTheNameHere: Quite often I am behind schedule, so I pile them all on in hopes no one notices. It’s not a glitch. I’m just incompetent.

Florida Man: Not the hero we want, but the hero we need.
@HopelessSpirit: It’s a flash animation. If you are using an iPhone, it will not be compatible. Otherwise it should load. It’s not particularly a large file.
@Killsoty: Um, excuse you, he’s 15
I knew a girl who overused the term "literally the worst thing ever" for everything she mildly disliked.
PM sent to Emily
There's also 117 and 156. I wasn't expecting this much nude curiosity.
Maybe Poppa Bear just snores, you don't know!
She needs TP for her bunghole.
That's a lot of filler.
Don't ask artists to work for free. Especially if they're assassins.
Now let's apply the moral to real life practice...
Dang millennials and their attempting to exist in a rough world handed to them by their parents... so annoying...