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Professions: Protection Officer, Cartoonist, Computer Repair

Hobbies: Kendo Practitioner,Equal Rights Advocate, Catgirl Enthusiast, Linguistics, and being a Dork
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    Johnathan Hatton
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Please don't encourage her. I'm too poor for a lawsuit.
@Killsoty: no one said it wasn’t.
I mean... Jenna is from England...
It's not intended to be a direct attack on Americans. It's just that people treat you a certain way if they assume you are American outside of the USA...
@EnterTheNameHere: It certainly is an issue if they're still dating.
It's my birthday so I'm gonna draw frisky Jenna. Fite me.
@EmilyAnnCoons: I don't think she wears one. Not out of any planned reasoning. Just because I never drew one.
If Charlie Brown can be the same age for 70 years, then so can anyone...
@SammyGems: They are the alternate spellings if you can't spell or bother to spellcheck like me.
@Plasmarift: it’s also a matter of compatibility. CPUs and motherboards are designed for specific DDRs. Using a DDR3 will mean your whole system is somewhat outdated or limited to how you can improve it.
This is not an attempt to make light on such a serious topic. It is part of a story arch and I cannot simply make a strip without a joke in it, or it would not be a comedy.
Based on an actual conversation. I had a friend who was fairly new to PC building.
While we're at it, Gandalf was an unreasonable jerk in the Hobbit.
I'd offer assistance, but I'd turn it overly sexy and would require compensation due to a busy schedule.
@EnterTheNameHere: It sounds less stupid than a starred system.
Not something you want to hear from your mother...
@EnterTheNameHere: I mean, I personally don’t drink or smoke. But the context of drugs here was illegal narcotics, if you want to be technical.
That IS Marth's happy face.
@Grummancat: me too friend. It goes one way or the other.
@Eh does it really matter: I am happy to see that you’ve gone through great lengths to look into this. I often saw funny posts on tumblr and jotted it down for comic ideas. While this was several years ago so I don’t know for certain, but that more than likely was the case here. I have long since strayed from doing that from actual comics that would pop up anymore as I feel like it’s bad form and unoriginal of me, even if this is a non-profit hobby comic. Seriously, feel free to call me out again if you see something else.