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See, originally it was all third person, but I decided to make it about her and forgot that part...
Before people start correcting me: It is in fact Canadian Thanksgiving today. Not American Thanksgiving.
@GabrielsThoughts: There's more to it than that. The reason Cain's offering was denied was because he offered vegetables when the ordinance specifically asked for a lamb. He could easily have traded his product for a lamb from Abel to do his offering at the same cost, but instead was lazy and got mad at the after effects to the point of killing his brother who didn't do anything wrong.
@EnterTheNameHere: University of Staffordshire, England for her degree in David Beckham studies.
@Natually : Nine, but most are the same set of clothes she rotates through.
@kinda obvious if you think about:
Funny you mention it, but Nick's date is a trap.
@Is that poisonous or venomous?:
That's stubbornness.
But here's an art trade I did with Zaphel-San.
Here's his part of it: 35

Sorry I hadn't been updating many fresh new comics lately. Life has been a butt and this is all managed by me voluntarily. I'll get stuff rolling soon.
Jenna's shower nudes leaked. Censored for the audiences >.>
If you happen to want to share fanart, send it to
@EnterTheNameHere: It's really a matter of preference. Both are correct in most cases and the longer terms are more accepted in literacy and as you say, can be used for more emphasis, but the contraction can't be used at the end of a sentence (with the exception of n't since terms like "No I won't" are still correct). An example would be "I don't know why, but it is" vs "I don't know why, but it's" which is incorrect English because we use a dumb and complicated language with more exceptions to rules than actual rules.
@Golb989: It's been good. We raised 1000$. We told the parents and they were quite emotional about it. Avery is doing okay. He still has some Chemo to do, but is otherwise doing ok.
This is me pretending that I didn't forget to make a comic in over a week...
I forgot to make a comic for today :( Had a few things come up at once, so here's an art contest entry for the Dragon Souls phone app.
@MikeLinPA: I understand it's for the basis of a joke, but I'm just gonna put this dictionary definition describing pussy cat as a genderless cat... because I'm a joke-killer and dislike fun...
I had a comic for today, but apparently I didn't finish it...
@Erokuso: You gotta pay to play if you want the H.
JK, no I have no intention of it. The only reason there was a dream sequence H shot was that it was part of the story, and even then I ensured it was censored beyond comprehention.