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hi. I'm barely here anymore, but you can find me / reach me at my twitter
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Hi again
It's been quite some time since I last uploaded something here eh?
well. kinda stumbled upon this collab again and I decided to draw something real quick and upload it here.

So here's Jack and Edith. I last drew them two years ago. Time flies by fast.
@kitsune fire: fix the problem with cake?
@kitsune fire: it's usually what happens. ^v^ so no need to worry about it
@kitsune fire: Don't feel bad. I can understand that sometimes you just don't upload anything. (I call them brain farts but it's fancy pancy name is probably procrastination)
I had this in a folder.. so here it is. user late
Yes I feel horrible for not uploading anything for 2 years. And I totally forgot that I had this sketchy comic page in a old folder and totally forgot to upload. So here it is. I'm ignoring the fact that this collaboration is dead.
more to come
My way of saying "sorry for not commenting or showing any sign of being alive". This is in low quality and I'm not sure why. But there's more characters to come so there's that.
I'm so sorry
I so sorry for the poor quality of this comic. (I'm just really sorry if it's bad or something) I really wanted to make a comic and I had this thumbnail sitting at my desk for days and I now finally did it.

so sorry for not uploading anything
hehehe. butt lazer.

Living in Sweden and being ugly as fuck, is not a funny thing either.
@kitsune fire:
Oh then we can wait :>
Good luck with your finals :)
oh just read you guys ~ 
@Fawn: oh you~ 

@lovelynekounni : Thank you :)

Ok. so the internet is back (YES) so I can finally comment and post whenever I want.
I just want to know if there's an intrest on making an update on the Jack Story. ( this is mainly to Kitsune Fire if I understand how this collab works)
If not, I might come up with an continue to this page.
oh holy moly shit.
I am so sorry. I hade to rush a page again..... but this time the traditional way ^^''''

So sorry if this is not good. I tried and I hope you can read everything... and see what's going on.

I hope I also didn't go ooc on Edi.

Ok I will try to post something today :)
@Oku37: Oh you did not offend me at all :) I just hope I did not come out as rude in my comment. :)
I can understand why you wrote the first part. I myself is quite gay. Yet I have a halfish masculine face and I guess that might rubb of on my drawing.
I MEAN JESUS. you should see my sketch book.
Not a singel feminine girl in sight. jesus.
The anatomy she have in this drawing is also one of the things that will "confuse the eye". I didn't draw with a ref so YEAH....

But I totally understand why you wrote the things you did. And I just wanted to write back and say I understand why. People always thinks that my girls are guys.... But I am trying to change that ofc.
(But I could not help it when I drew Jack, I just really wanted to draw a pixie styled hair and after that things just... evolved..
If you do not understand what's going on JUST COMMENT JESUS I'mSOLATE

Sorry for crappy page I am so sorry guys
@kitsune fire: Yeah I can see it now. Gonna change that...

Yeah. sure why not? :)
well this could have been better.
Jesus fucking christ, this didn't turn out as I expected. So sorry if your eyes are bleeding of the badness of this "drawing"

Name: Jackquline (Jack)
Age: 17
Status: singel
Likes: Games, sculpting, music, writing, animals, tattoos, computers
Dislike: People, war, fighting, eye contact ( she hates making eye contact with people, makes her fell exposed.) Talking about her feelings.
Personality: Calm, patient, protective over those she view as her friends, she got a temper so when she's mad.... Then yeah. you might be fucked.
Others: Looks angry all the time, yet it's not really her fault.. It's just how her eye browns are shaped. She might even look angry when she smiles.
She lives by herself in a medium lagre apartment.
She wants to become a writer.

extra: She always somehow manage to get herself into fights. And since she dislike fighting, it usually end with her on the ground. Yet she sometimes fights back.
she swears a lot.

I hope that this will be ok....... And yes this is a girl... and yes I know I draw very masculine girls.
Pm me if you have any questions... I am open for suggestions on her animal spirit... or is it spirit animal? ,.. I think it's spirit animal, sounds right. I THINK.

once again, so sorry for bad drawing ;-;
I'm a terrible person.
once again, sorry for late update..... And sorry if the lack of colour is.... disturbing.. I'm just terrible with colour and..... yeah..