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@Fyb Unfortunately it does tend to be the last option. It's why, if found in time, a lot of bridge jumpers tend to survive however. Though in a lot of cases, they also pass out because of shock from those injuries.
Adaren, your comment could have been a double whammy.

"I hope she really has the guts to stomach this idea."
I for one ate my foot for dinner.
When I first read the comic page where it was shown that Rick had a crush on Lauren but was fine with being friends, I ate my own foot. It wasn't as delicious as many might think. That was really an eye opening thing and I made me look back on what I had done to think of Rick that way. There might have been some times where he was a bit rude and such, but nothing to make a punch to the face okay. I agree with Mierin, just about everyone's at fault here. Some on Lauren's part, some on Sam's, some of Christo's and the rest of the gang, and some on Rick. I just hope they can talk it all out and get things straightened out and compromises (if there need to be any) get made.

Basically I'm saying that, Mr. Twist, you have written a very nice comic here. One that made me suffer from foot in mouth disease and made me think on how I thought. For that I thank you. And give you applause.
@Secants: Pretty sure you meant sexual orientation. Gender identity is a completely different can o' worms! lol
This is a really lovely picture! I absolutely love it. However, and this may just be a trick of the light, her nose looks to be a bit crooked! D8 I just thought that'd I point that out to be helpful. Hope that I was! But other than that, the shading and style here is simply gorgeous!
December 20th, 2011
Dear Author,

Your icon is what my face did on this page.

Thank You
August 28th, 2011
I really, really love what your laziness did here! It's a nice touch (the tears falling from the speech bubble) and I haven't seen it done everywhere either! Very nice. Really brings the feeling home.
August 25th, 2011
I keep throwing my money at the screen, but it's not doing anythinggggg!!!

Brilliant. Simply brilliant. These drawings really scream the emotions they portray. You've got a lot of talent. 8D
August 13th, 2011
And this is why we call it Style. Speaking of Style! Why is yours so amazinggggg! @u@ It's so crazy-awesome that I can't stand it! It's cute and defined at the same time! And your writing makes me go "Awwww, bwa ha ha ha, daaawwwww." :I So yeah, all in all, I love your comic, it's style, and it's Style.
August 8th, 2011
This comic makes me smile.. Every time it updates, your facial expressions and fun style make me grin like mad and/or laugh. And the dialogue usually makes me laugh. Keep it up!
I might have to ask for another drawing
Of me also hugging Patrick cuz now I really really want to! D8 CHEER UP BUDDY JUST GET A BETTER HAIRCUT AND FEEL THE LOOOOOOVE
Hahaha! Another page, another fit of laughter from me. I love your facial expression and style in this. It's so funny and clean. (To my eyes at least) and has always cracked a smile from me.
Ffffff. I'm like, deathly afraid of cicadas, so I'd have to agree with Gib on this one! XD
Too true, too true. I remember Marching Band and having to do extraneous activities in that kind of hot + insanely humid weather. Glad I got out of it for my senior year of high school. |D
Do I spy a Mrs. Twist in there? Or is that just me being crazy again? Either way, fun times are sure to be had! Lovin' the incentive. Brings back memories of high-school that I'm not sure I should sigh happily or sadly at. XD
Hahaha! Other than the relation to me sneezing for a long time (four or five times even. |D) I love that Gib just goes "Geez, I said bless you in German already!" x3 My friends do that with me all the time when I get into a sneezing fit.
Future Peter looks a bit like a hobo. xD But Michelle looks kickass!
I would hope not! You two are so much fun when I met you for that short while at FCBD that if you ended up being like married couples shown on the media, I'd be devastated! x3
Ugh. I love cicadas, but only their singing. Those things are creepy looking! And then when they hatch out they're white and it's just ew. Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew. Don't like looking at them, but they sound so pretty and that's how I know summer is finally here. x3