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i love games. especailly violent game like left for dead. and i love calm games like harvest moon. im an otaku and really freindly and easy to get along with! XD
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XD its a sign arthur! its gonna happen to you too! XD muwahahahahaha!!!!

hmm...but the question is...who will it be? =3
oh man.... *cries* i was really rootin for ariel too... thats so heart wrenching... T-T
September 13th, 2010
lol just casually walk by and he wont notice u~ =3
go save him max!!! poor skuttle... :'(
omg those poor souls... o.o
lol omg kawaii! XD
aaaw!! i wantedto c more!! i love tobidei!!
damn...thats tough... id be tramatized still if that ever happened to me...
O.o uh oh...hows he gonna explain where ariel is? X3
pathetic huh? >=3
hmmm...:? why does h look so much more slender here and a little plumper n the later chapters????
omfgdjkadjd dont end it here it must go on!!!!!!!! XD
oh my heart broke readng this... :'(
NOOOO!!! that bithc is gonna try to steal him!!!@! DX
aaw...poor thing...
awww...i was gonna take it... :( oh well!^^ hes so cyuute X3
what the fahell r u thinking kaden?
lol poor nao^^ so confuzzled
D8 Oh no!! dont say somthing mean to poor ariel!!! DX