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Author of Hyrule Adventure and Tales from the Warp Zone. Originally created in 2008 and hosted on its own independent site, Hyrule Adventure is a serial continuing saga comic. The comic created around the original Legend of Zelda game draws inspiration from several games in the series as well as the the cartoon series. In fact, Sprite the Fairy is drawn from the cartoon series, while other elements are drawn from Ocarina of time, and others. Tales from the Warp Zone was a side project created after characters from the super mario bros. series were introduced into the story. Having created sprites for mario characters, I decided to make a few quick comics with them based around the mario characters. Since I was not bound by the rules and plot of Hyrule Adventure I had more leeway and could make grittier and funnier comics. They were originally hosted on the site along with bonus material until I decided to give them their own series. So I moved them here, and eventually created many more.
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I had totally forgotten about updating... I apologize. Here is episode 17
@TheJGamer: The answer remains to be seen.
Are you tired of having to wait for your dvds to rewind? Well now you can say goodbye to waiting forever!
Certainly have commitment. Never seen so many pages for a comic before!
Its always better to get pissed off than pissed on. Unless you're into that kind of thing.
Very interesting style. They almost look like toy soldiers.
Is it her name? Or does she need an ointment?
I like the styling. Some of the jokes don't land though. But there is definitely potential. Keep it up!
Too much? Nah.
Welcome to Hyrule Adventure! Now hosted on Smackjeeves! Hyrule Adventure has been around since 2008 hosted on its own site, but the series will restart from the beginning here. Come back later for future episodes!
Been Awhile
Been awhile but, i'm kind of back. At least for a rare and elusive update! Don't know when ill be back though. Maybe the future?
Another update!
Maybe this will be a more regular event!
Wow! An update!
Damn its been awhile since I've updated... I should do it more often.
Every 2 or 3 comics change between the over world and the under world or castle. I'm also going to have water and cloud land scenes as well in the future.
Episode 26
Its better if we don't know why...
This is for all those "shippers" of various video game pairings on youtube. Total rejection for Mario. Sorry, but you guys had it coming.
What can I say, I hate the Osmonds. Whats worse is that they seem to have been making some kind of pop culture comeback as it were in recent years. I really don't see why. Personally, their music sucks, and other than their little "family affair" they aren't really known for much. I just don't see why they are so popular now. Not that I care, I hate them either way. Oh well.
Before anybody says anything, Yes I know that "Hardy's" is now "Carls Jr.". However, a change in name does not atone for their god awful food so as far as Im concerned, a turd by any other name still smells just as putrid.

Oh yeah, and those commercials a few years ago featuring Paris Hilton only made things worse for them by making everyone feel like they would catch chlamydia from eating there. Great job marketing department.
The Video
I made a video version to this comic last year... And its here ==>
See, Mario was the smelly one.