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Welcome to the Circle!
We've got fun and games,
We've got visions and sacred Flames!
New Font
What do y'all think compared to version 1, Shane, Raven and Christina?
@Raven Flenniken: The Font is called Kino Mt. btw
@Raven Flenniken: Yeah, I see what you mean - it's hard to read (IMO) because the bars on the T's are squashed for one thing.

HMMMmmmm. Maybe I can find another that feels "Asian" without the compression issue.
Not sure about the font
What do you think Christina, Shane and Raven?
Apuckshunubbee SEES
Strange goings-on under the earth at Nanih Waiya...
While others awaken, life goes on back at "The Ranch"...Aailiyha meets some of her new roomies.
And Now Things Really get Weird
As if things weren't strange enough already...
Apuckshunubbee Okla Falaya
Enter Apuckshunubbee Okla Falaya, aka Puck
You're a super-heroine! ;-)

Karmic Whiplash...
is a bitch. It was just faster than usual this time as Ted got REALLY whiplashed...
@Raven Flenniken: yes, I really like the mural-like character of this page. Shane knocked this one out of the park IMO
@ wimgins, @ calvin luther
Thanks for reading guys - I agree that Shane captured the intense emotions skillfully and also that unfortunately some jerks in the world don't understand "no".
Second tough page
As I indicated under page 34, these two pages were a big challenge for us. I think Shane did an outstanding job with a very emotional series of images.

Thanks Shane!

This page took some doing
Both Shane and I struggled to get this page and the next done well. No always means no, but there are animals in the world like Ted who don't get that.

We do.

Thanks for the great art on two difficult pages, Shane!

Intense Page
from Shane this week. Ted/Skull in final frame is scary, huh?
@ wimgins
The Association - a great group, very under-rated IMO. Nice catch (thumbs up)
Ted Wants...
...what all Beenage Toys think they want! What will happen next?? Stay tuned, faithful readers!
A night he'll never forget...
stay tuned to see what happens NEXT!