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Bruce the Hedgehound
You see my profile?

Don't you look at iiiit! >8C
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Christ. I leave the site for almost three years now and come back on a whim after seeing the Cloud reveal trailer for Super Smash Bros. and was pleasantly reminded of this old gem...

I got a looot of reading to catch up on.
Epicness has been turned into a silk worm...

That. Is. Hilarious.
@Fiora Aroura: *pulls blankets over head and curls up*
@Riskfan: Irony has been used so much that it means nothing anymore. Like how people use the word "literally" or "legit" these days. Pretty much nobody knows what it means unless they look up Websters or Oxford.
@Fiora Aroura: Ah, right. Forgive me. Sickness makes me process things half-way. :/
@Fiora Aroura:

>inherited father's hardheaded stubbornness without having to work for it.

Your point is somewhat shaky, my friend.
@Fiora Aroura: Okay, how 'bout I give YOU a stomach virus and host three livestreams and see how YOU like it! *grabs syringe*
@Fiora Aroura: I was on vacation! Also I got violently ill, but mostly on vacation!
*returns from vacation and realizes Fiora was being rude and did two livestreams without me*

@Fiora Aroura: Unfortunate Implications? :D
@Fiora Aroura: *puts on Batman mask* Don't lie to me, I always get my answers! Now tell me where the catnip is!
@Fiora Aroura: I found this.

Care to explain? Yk0l52nj_vGEPrF1QjNcGHHZJ9w
@Riskfan: Don't forget to wish a good one for Fiora too. She clocks in a few days after me.
@Fiora Aroura: Actually, I did learn something from this stream. In Team Fortress 2, the Sniper, who is Australian has a bow and arrow weapon called The Huntsman. When you went on that jerk-stint towards the end, I realized that's actually supposed to be a pun! :D
Wow. Four hours? Geez you're slow at this!
*shot in the head*
Nah, I'm joking. X3 Very much thanks for this Fiora. It's great!
@Fiora Aroura: Just let me know when and where to tune in and I'll be there... in between Smashing, of course. X3
@Fiora Aroura: Aw, that's nice of you! Thanks, I'd be happy to see it! :D
@Fiora Aroura: Yeah, you did. But I also didn't wish you a good one on yours, so I suppose we're even.
@Fiora Aroura: Boooo! Geddaf da stage! *throws water bottle*