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An overweight lady, who dreams of writing comics, so far, there has not been much progress on that.

Likes Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, and basically anything to do with animation and comics.

Also adores Disney/Dreamworks/All sountracks, Classical and several old rock songs.
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Do you know what is so cool about this page, specifically?

You learn ALOT about Alm in the last two panels alone.

The King takes off his crown when he recognizes Alm, which symbolizes that he holds this councilor in high regard and seemingly higher than his own status as KING.
In that same panel, we see the queen side-eye the king when he takes off the crown, and in the last panel she is giving him a reproachful look. It gives the impression that she does not hold Alm in as high regard, and thinks her husband is wrong to see Alm as higher than himself.
In two panels!

Also, Alm's dialogue sounds like an older man unimpressed with a young adult's actions, not the respectful opinion of a councilor. He also, in some way, thinks he is better than the King and Queen.

I just thought that was super cool.
I knew which anime you were watching the moment I read this, on the day it came out on tumblr! Because I am in the same MHA hell and I love it so much!!! All of the characters are my beloved children!
Also, All Might is my anime waifu(husbando???).
Personally, I am like James. I'm happy to wait until Saturday to see what happens. . . Tempted to buy the manga though, to support it as well.
Oh shit, they're cute! They are so CUTE!
Also, I hope Rocko gets punched in the nose later.

Just found this comic, I like it! Can't wait to see where this goes.
It's so cool that you both can help each other with work. You two are adorable.
And, it's over.
Yeah, starter battles are great. . . a great bore anyways.
@onigoshi: Stick around, new update next Saturday! :)
Thought I'd give you guys a little something, just to let you know I'm alive. There'll be a comic update coming Saturday. For now, here's some concept art!

What do you think of the outfit? I'm still trying to decide what Emeralds Trainer outfit is going to be.
Sorry I haven't uploaded in awhile, life got in my way. Also, I have a new computer, so colors may or may not shift in shades and stuff in the future. Whatever.

Also, I am thinking of going to grayscale, what do you guys think? (Ps. If no one answers here, I'll make another post about it later.)
I'm not sure it'll make a difference in speed of updates, I'm planning to test that theory out later.
It's Mudkip!

Stats and name will come in. . . awhile. Yeah.

I apologize for the so-so fight scene, I need to study fight scenes in comics now.
Now for the commercial break!!!

This is a sketch commission from DisappearedDraws!

She's taking bargain priced commissions to save up for a laptop! Check her tumblr here:

Go commission her! I demand it!
Edited 5/23/15: I fixed a typo someone pointed out. I apologize for any further writing mishaps, I get wrapped up in the drawing and placing of speech bubbles, sometimes I forget to spell check my stuff.

@SilverGamer56: Yep, it's a typo, sorry about that!
Dang it, Mrs.Birch, Brendan already said hello, what more do you want?! Sheesh.
@LouLouBaBa: Thank you for the comment! I'm glad you like the detail. I've been kinda worried that the beginning of this comic might be abit slow for some people 'cause I did want to hit points from the beginning of the story. Also I wanted to change things so I wasn't using all the gimmicks from other comics. The beginning tends to be full of complaints about the slowness of the start, and while I enjoy them a lot, I felt I could go a different route in my own comic. Emerald isn't gunho about a pokemon journey, and the reason why, I hope is subtle enough but obvious enough for people.

Love you lots, Baba! I hope you like the pages to come!
What starter Pokemon has our protagonist chosen to beat the wild Zigzagoon with?

Will Professor Birch be saved from his inconvenient perch?

What is this mysterious past that leaves Emerald in a status effect of paralysis?

Will there be more annoying cliffhanger talks in the next Author's Comment box?

Tune in next week to find out!

Same Poké time, same Poké Comic!
From this point on, you may notice the comics getting shorter. The reason being, I can update faster, 'cause I won't have to draw so much before putting the next page out.

We're nearing the end of my buffer, oh dear.
Leave comments if you can please!
Hope your all enjoying it so far. . . also, get used to that peachy background. It's gonna be there for a whole 'nother page. . . -_-'

@minakonumnums: Thank you! I'm glad you like it so far!
I love thoe story so far! Great way to set up the journey!

Am I getting hints that Green is a litte, smitten, with Red~? Eeee!

I love your art style!
Welcome to the comic! Hope you enjoy it!
You know, squint your eyes a tad more on the creepy face and you'll look just like the happy mask sales man from Majora's Mask!