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Making web comics. (Obviously) Flash animation, video games(SMASH baby!) Drawing. Computers.
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-Well, hey you knew who she was huh? That's what matters.


-Will change the banner at some point
One more Comic
There is one other comic on this website that I've identified as a valid Summon Night comic. It's called, "Out to Sea". It is however a "girl love"(girlXgirl) story, from my understanding. I don't know if its what you'd be looking for. This comic however will be pretty lengthy....once I get around to it more often....
Jeez, read the news
The news section definitely states that this comic has been discontinued and now I'm posting it here as well....I apologize to everybody who waited in anticipation.
Maybe more this week
I'm trying to update this more often now. Perhaps you'll see more this week, then again perhaps not. This page is actually something I did back in April....:P just thought I'd upload it as a precursor to make me come back and do more.
Yea, I know of the Bleedman and his works. I'm waiting for him to update that thing myself. :)
It's me yet again :)
Hey, how are you all? Do you guys remember me? I have returned from purgatory!! 'Shakes fist triumphantly'(No, I didn't get banned, I've just been in a slack wave as of late) Anyway, I noticed that unfortunately @theU has ceased. Just wanted to let u know, that if u happen to need assistance with this comic, I'm good for the summer :)

P.S.(I don't do backgrounds.....)

What!? Being Continued!! "o"
Well, yea I found it pleasantly surprising that more people were reading this so I've decided to continue it after debating it for quite some time.

Fair Warning: The rating may have gone up a smidge....
Sorry to confuse you(not that it's my character). It's a girl...
Update Times
Not really sure when the periods of updatedness will be, but when there is a set time, will let you know.
Jyeh jyeh jyeh, I'm lazy as hell! I'll get a new banner sooner or later..... :)
Thx.Well, at times Juniper Lee did seem like a 3rd rate show, but I actually enjoy watching Ben10.
Ur an ass
Yeah, just what the title of this comment says u are a damn asshole.

Listen don't come here making comments like this until you can legitimately make a comic of your own.
Yes she did...
Disgaea huh? I'm watching u closely....
Because then I wouldn't be able to really incorporate characters from other cartoon network series and have it make at least a little bit of sense. Besides, making something thats "inspired" by something rather than making a fan based comic takes more work.
I'll fix this eventually...

Edit:Finally fixed!!
Who am I copying by any chance?
Yeah, I thought it was almost too bold a move to actually attempt a ppg comic after what Bleedman had done, but then I said what the hell, its just a hobby so I might as well. Also, the Japanese being unnecessary had crossed my mind, but I just figured it could be interesting if I used simple terms tactically in certain places(by the way, I'm not Japanese) I mean, most people who look at anime anything know what most simple terms mean.

I know that this comic most certainly does not potray professional artwork, but I'm closer to being a professional artist than anyone might think....;)
Okay, I wanted to put one up just in order to try a few new things.(Notice all the holes in this page) It may take me a while to get the hang of them so it's not the best, but it'll get there.
Sorry for delay, but I've been a tad preoccupied. Though, I'll be updating more soon enough, so look forward to it. :)