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Um...I`m Latin xD, my english sux -.- and I love reading yaoi mangas *-*

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He's just so fcking sexy *-*
Whaat?!No more pages?! O_O I need mooore ToT!
I love you comic btw ^^
Why is it that my parents tell me: "you are fat, stop eating so much garbage"? xD
I'll wait for next page :3 I usually read BL mangas, but...i reaaally think i'll like this shoujo *-*

(Note: sorry for the bad english u.u)
yaaaay ^0^! I was sooo happy when I saw that you had update ^^ . Your art is amazin *-* , I'll be waiting for the next update.
(Sry, for the bad english~)
xDD Omg, Haru! And he thought that he could be Shiratori's seme ._.U
Anyway...I feel sorry for him u-u
Sooo unexpected xD! Hoho, now Shiratori can be the first *-*
Fuck Haru, didn't you think about what the fans wanted? ¬¬ I'll forgive you, but just cuz you look cute with your clothes all messed up ilke that ^///^

I check the comic like 4 times a day xD just in case...So...I'll be waiting *-*
Oh my...I can t...this is just...too much for me >///< I love Shiratori soooo much, specially when he is taking off his clothes *-*
Update soooon! I am, like, dying here T-T
I luv the first panel, Shiratori is sooo sexy *-*. And Haru`s friend is soo cute ^///^ if he helped us to get a yaoi scene I`ll love him even more xD
Hungry Haru is cutter than normal ^///^
I wonder what stupid conclusions will com out of Haru`s mind o-o
Now is when Shiratori appears naked *-*, right? *¬* That has to be the bathroom`s door *0*

PS: English is not my first lenguage, so...sorry u-u
Haru just...don´t get drunk before him xD

I´ll be waiting for the next page *-*
OMG!O///O I need mooooore >///<

Val~I love u~*¬* I`ll kill just to touch him *-* . Val/jacob It`s so hoooot *0* (<---yaoi fangirl)

Warning: my first lenguage is not english u///u
April 26th, 2010
Awww...poor lottle boy ToT! A beer?o.O better than what my mom does when I get hurt xD

I already loooove this comic, so...continue!¬.¬ plz ^^

Warning: my first lenguage is not english u.u
It HAS to be a nightmare >.< Aww...poor Haru ToT
Awww...I´m so curious >.< What´s Haru´s secret?! I want to knooow T.T
Wb ^^ and good luck in ur first day of school D:!
Moreee O_O , I need more...

PS: Don´t do it pika! ToT
So sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! *¬* *faints*
Haru is such an idiot xD, but dont worry Haru, we love u anyway ^^
Haru is so cuteeee >///<