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I draw, as if my life depends on it---
I'm also a one-eyed, colour blind art zombie.

and I'm also known for recycling characters :D ;;;
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And thus ends the long haitus (from school work), and the start of a new sequel. I've been debating if I was going to make this a new webcomic... but since it's about the same protagonist, might as well submit it as a chapter 2. However, this is going to be a whole different story. I hope you guys would enjoy the read as well c: (and a bit different artstyle as well!)

Updates will be irregular. Busy with stuffs and all >':


To those who commented to the previous chapter, Thank you. AFF(1) is still pending for printing. But a pilot print would be sold by October or November--- hopefully. Again, thank you for the nice, not so nice, and constructive comments : )
Hope you'll like this one too!
what were you surprised about? :0

and yeah, sorry. it was a bit short, since I cut a few pages to just be able to reach the quota (it was a project < _>;; lol )
And this signals the end of Away From Fantasies (1) : Schizoid

There would be a week or 2 break till the start of AFF2 : Two Worlds, because I have finals to deal with first. Other than that, thank you and I hope you enjoyed the first story.

Random Facts about this comic:

Before I posted this, the whole thing was already done. It took 2 weeks to finish all the pages that are posted ( along with some extras). So, if there are some pages that looks rather bad, or not so consistent, I apologize since I made the whole comic in strict time constrain.

The story was mostly true and that it really happened (except the car crash part, a closure was needed, therefore.)

The main focus of the story was about the Ryuu's (main) behaviour, that usually people mistook as either anti-social and/or 'emo'. But all these is actually a psychological disorder called "Schizoid" where the affected person doesn't really care about his surroundings (nor himself and anyone for that matter) and only finds interest on a few things (this time, games). This comic was made to show how a day of a person affected by such disorder(s) go about and what his thought process(es) are. And lastly, if there's any chance of recovering from this disorder.

The comic was supposed to be made an animation but I got lazy, and didn't have enough man power D;
Then, artist block took over when I was making the whole comic.

This is already TL;DR, so in conclusion: again, I hope you guys enjoyed the read and be sure to watch out for AFF 2
not a filler page.
.... this page didn't flow too well from the last page, but I really like this page :);;
And yes. the little kid is Aoki. /laughing
(female too )
too bad... they both didn't die.
3 page update! enjoy!
(lol obvious downgrade on page quality)
Guy, sorry if I'm not answering your questions about the comic D:
I usually answer them at the end of the chapter/story so that it won't spoil anything for you guys.
there was a really inapproriate avatar from a commentor, I just deleted it for the sake of minor readers. you don't have to worry about it, guys.
For those who doesn't get the last 2 pages (35, 36)
it's a transition from when he got home. Indication that he's just playing his games.
...i'm still contemplating on how I should do chapter two... hmn...
Starting next week, updates would be a bit slower to make preparations for chapter 2, since there's less than 20 pages left of chapter 1.

Hope you're enjoying the read so far :)
Oh noes. it's page 30. D:
Gah, I thought I lost this page ; _;
It took a while to find.
it's a flash back.
if the sudden toned over-all didn't give it out.
20 more pages left for this chapter :c
I'm too lazy to wait for a week when I can update almost everyday <:'|
And yes, I know the dragon at the first page looks like a charizard.
.. i guess I can update a bit more often than once a week :'I

but seriously...

I noticed that the pages didn't update via order. I hope it didn't disrupt your reading, guys. I srsly have no idea why that happened <:0
About the Cover
I didn't colour this one. I can't, I'm colour blind. I had a friend ( tooaya, or toa) coloured it for me. Give her lots of love for her awesomeness~

[Away From Fantasies] is originally a one-shot graphic novel done as my graduate thesis. It is semi-autobiographical.

I hope you guys enjoy it.