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I like drawing manga (and reading it), writing, watching anime and other stuff.
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oh Mugger...
Could it be....twins? *_*
Finally <3
I'm so sorry about your hand...I will miss your story, I hope you keep your spirits up though
Awwwwww <3
I totally saw that XD
such a nice greeting -_-
He looks so happy in the last panel XD
"I am always real, Simon" XD Another reason why I love her <3
November 19th, 2011

This link let's you sign a petition to stop it
It almost feels like breaking the 4th wall...
This is coming along nicely ^^ I can't help but comment on every page
Awww yay Len is trying to be sweet
Ooh, now I see where she's getting to be evil...
I love Derek so much right now...
Yay it's all falling apart~
Ha ha ha XD That is so like her
And...she is a Yakuza daughter...