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I'm 18 and I am currently vacationing from the world.
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le gasp :O
OOOOOOH! Is that Jura or Soki?! I kinda hope it's Soki, I've been waiting for him~
But whoever it is, they look ready to throw down xD
Hoooly shit, is QD back 8O
Vanilla doing christmas right BD
Happy Christmas, Milk :D
December 15th, 2014
Paul D:>!?
^^ Lmao
I honestly didn't even know this new comic was ghunna be a yaoi xD
I thought this was going in a totally new direction, but hey.
I'm here for all BD
This is actually really cool :D
I was kind of skeptical because I've never seen a comic made up like this, by photographs instead of pictures, but this is really a cool change of pace.
I like where yu're going so far, nd I'm excited to see more :D
If Cyril could stfu for a minute..
I can't even wait for them to start :D
But jesus, everyone's life sucked/is sill sucking.
Can I just be the first to say-
What the fuck, Possom?
I just.. wha is happening I'm confused nd scared.
Also, can I use the last panel as my icon because just the adorable levels are very, very high.
I just. I feel the need to applaud yu for these last few pages. Really really magical. This is my new favorite comic, kudos to the highest man, this is so great :'D
here we go-
CONGRATS ON YUR PUPPY PEPPAS! :D I hope she knows wat silly parents she has now xD
CONGRATS ON MARRIAGE! Oh gosh golly, I bet everything was beautiful :'D I'm so happy for yu!!<3
CONGRATS ON LIFE, MAN. Yu just seem to be doing great, and yu seem very happy :D But yur adorable, so a great life is just a given for yu xD
I'm so happy yur doing great, man :'D
the thumbs up, though
I can't even begin to say how ironic it is the "special" homunculus, the most valuable homunculus ever created so far would pick the name of the first man, and says he finds no significance in it, I love it.
And I would like to say, the third panel is my fave of the page<3 Stunning art&plot so far, keep up the good work!
wow, he's just going for it, huh.
why do the teachers always come at the wrong damn time?
Also: Fuckleberry
Jesus is he depressed or sleepy?
YAYYYY Update!
Whaaaaaaaaaaaat the hell no.
But like wtf is up with his eyes tho.
Holy fuck does that look fun.
Whats that thingamabobber do?