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I am a 20-year-old French horn performance major, studio art minor. I love God, music and drawing!!!!!
October 14th, 2011
This is such a cute comic! I hope you continue with it!
The expressions you draw are the best, airse. ^_^
I haven't drawn any more pages!!! Sorry!!! It's just that I've been having a hard time figuring out where I want to go in this chapter. I've been out of it for so long that it's hard to get started up again... But I drew this a while ago and thought I should post it before tomorrow... Happy Early St. Patrick's Day!
This is awesome Mappy!!!! ^_^ "And if you look inside his fridge, you will see a black banana!" Hahahaha!
Aw, I love Melody!
Hahaha, oh no Kimi!
He couldn't! ^_^
School is kinda taking over my schedule as of late. Usually I have Fridays open, but the past couple weeks have been very full. Anyway, that said, here is another page! :) Lol @ Leo...
Ahaha! Ouch!!! Poor Kimi! I hope she doesn't get mad! That's still kinda cute though... Loling @ Mappy!
YES! Caught up!!! :) Hope that Mappy makes friends soon.
AW! So cute! Happy Valentines day!
Thank you so much!!! I've been practicing. ^_^
@mewichigo: Fixed it! :) So much drama!!!
@Drifting_Flower: That's okay, lol. ^_^ Yeah, her name is Leilah, but Uncle Germy prefers to call her things like "kid" and "brat"...
He's just a jerk. -_-
Hahahaha, thank you!!! ^_^
Thank you!!! :) If I knew how to animate with flash I would totally try to make a short animation of this comic. :)
Last page before classes start up again.
Okay, this may or may not be the last update for a while... Hopefully not. :(
@mappy41: Thank you!!! Happy advanced Valentines day!!
@Drifting_Flower: Yep, his niece. :) And thank you!
@Kai173: I'm not sure if Jeremy realizes that!!! O_o
@mappy41: BLACK BANANAS! I got the idea from this girl I knew, who accidentally left her banana from lunch in her backpack for weeks and it turned black...
@Drifting_Flower: Thank you! Haha, yeah. This is the kind of humor I have when I'm still awake around 2am...
Lol, yeah. My sister was helping me come up with weird things for Jeremy to say last night.