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Sgt Andrew
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go on mario kick there heads in.
this comc is great. favourited.
CHRISTmas not X-mas. it sounds stupid when you say merry xmas.
finally you updated!
enough of these stupid anime references.
i can't wait.
damn you michael jackson, one more reason i hate you
i must say, i didn't see that one coming, that would explain why his got a bomb out his arse.
i must say i'm really being pulled into the story now, by the way where did the other tealo come from?
that wasn't his pocket!? i don't want to know were he is getting it from. lol.
tealo looks satified, look at the smile on his face as he says i'm back.
havn't been on my computer for about 4 days, it was nice moving straight onto a new episode again and again. i like the bit were you mention how far graphics have come. lol.
wow! she knutted him pretty hard!