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Just another manga crazy drawing freak! ;)
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i rly like the last 2 pages :3
liam wuvs her ;3
sooo...after the fight...are they gunnna...fuck? o-o
shira wuvs him toooo! ;3
haha oops! brandon should rly control himself ;)
o////o SMOOCH!
i'm horrible at drawing hands...
brandon wuvs tyler?! ;) sorry about the lack of color and very sketchy pannel lately hope you still like my little BL tho :P
nice piece! look forward to regular updates
if it's a dream why can we see shiratori's eyes? maybe its because its shira's dream...?
*huff* *huff* this pg is a little sloppy but im still very buisy, and as i said things get interesting very soon! *rushes off to make other pages* sex???

yay update! X3 i love ellen friend umm...ben? i think oh whatever hes adorible ^__^
gah! ive been rly rly buisy lately :( ill try to get more pgs done soon! cuz thing will get interesting very quickly :3
it's sweet how he starts to tolerate him..... ;3
oAo "so u seem lonely and i wanna have sex with you how bout we fix both those problems!"