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Hey guys :)
My name is Chii and I'm a self-proclaimed webcomic-artist!

I like comics, where the artist puts his whole effort in. Even if it's just a webcomic,it's still a comic, so I put me heart in it. I love creative people and I also love scetchy works, as long as you can see everything though. ( Means, I hate pages, where you can barely see the face)

I don't like halfhearted stories, mainstream-stories just for the sake of getting readers, rape-stories ( listen guys, nobody would like to get raped. It causes serious psychological damages, so please stop talking and drawing things about it, like it's the most pleasant thing. PLEASE USE YOUR BRAIN. If you want to attend readers, be original and just draw stuff you don't want to experience. If so, you should think about it carefully. There are young readers outside. Boyslove might be the actual trend, but there are still no-gos!!)and stories I can laugh about.

Smackjeeves needs more of those (except for boyslove and rape-stories) ;)

whatever, have fun on smackjeeves!
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It loos just awesome <33 It'll be nice to help you out :D!!!
May 25th, 2011
Fav <3
I love it <3 why don't you edit it?D :
I'll grant your wish
The witch smiled and held the harmed soulf of the girl in her hands.
„I see... well then, let me grant your last wish. But listen. If you're not able to wake up by yourself again, your soul will be mine.“

And so the girl had her happiest dream....but unfortunality, she never woke up again, and so.....
Desperate murderer
Desperate and filled with grief, mad and sad at the same time, the young girl began to kill every single man she laid her hands on, but nothing could bring back her beloved maid. Instead of being satisfied, she became a desperate murderer, bathing in the blood of all those, who were responsible for her lovers death. If she only could see her again, she would stop killing people.

One day her new maid told her a story about a witch, who would grant every wish you had but for a high prize. The girl searched for her everywhere, even when she was about to die.
The murderer of Evelin
However, the girl was a very important person and so her servants killed the maid.. an order from her highness, the queen herself.
Charlottes Story
Once the girl and her maid were in love.
Of course it was a forbidden love, because a woman loving another was a forbidden sin and nothing else than to be executed for.
Please grant my wish
Once a girl came to a black witch and asked her to grant her a wish.
„What kind of wish do you want me to fullfill?“
the witch asked.
„My magic isn't for anyone to use and you can't pay with any money or gold made by human hands.“

The young girl seemed desperate and she said
„It doesn't matter, I'll pay with everything I have. But I beg you, please grant my last wish.“

The witch repeated her question and the girl said „I want to have the happiest dream I've ever had.“
uh lol

I still love ash+.+
o.o that's the first time I have to admit that I'm really impressed by those arts, I'm nearly envious olol

but I think, that's because we're used to different styles. :D

I'm that typical manga-thing and you're kind of(my guessing) conceptual artist, drawing real details.That's why I like it <3

uwah, long comment...sry for that.
I like the way you're drawing animals <3 shall watch this*_*
January 18th, 2011
omg geebeeee YOURE BACK.

Arrrrghhh don't desperate I GONNA HELP YOUU ;u;'

*feels the same*

drawing line takes so much freekin fuckin time that I nearly always wants to kill it!!

Thats teh one thing why traditional is better.grr..

well. I'm freakin slow too.


and ignore that goddamn ads D:!
I alway am like "..okay.if that shittin ad appears AfTER my computer died, I swear...."

for real. :3 <3
shit. you told everyone my name...OH NOEEES!![knows, that everyone can read it tough..well hellYES]

I'm not crazy! D: I couldn'd just sleep, that's all! D:*munching a cheese-bread slowly like a grandma*

aaahhhh I'll have to update my webcoms as well.. grr D:
*laziness is overclowded*

..does overclowded even exist......?
whatever. Who cares haha D'8<

so our tunnel' are the same size ooooooaaaoooaaaaah XDD!!

I'm pretty small,therefore it looks funny :0! WHAT ARE YOU EXACTLY ZIGGY-HUMAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!R_R*much love to you*

ah its so hawt here...;u; save meee
*grabs her gt and starts drawing*

oohhhhh darling, I swear you, you'll ***** him when you keep reading muahahaha...that means, if I finally would start keep on drawing and not writing so long answeres.


ARGH DUDE I gonna stalk you foreveeer....

...okay, that's creepy.

Anyway, When I read your comic, I noticed, that your style was becoming better increasinglyy[I'm sorry for that dumb-minded english...can you forgive me?T_T<3]and now I laughed so hard that..well. Did you know that cola is able to came out from your ears? >Db

seriously. It made my day<33*.*
[I prbably had a nice day, especially because my earlier inkstudio has changed artists and now I can change my tattoo in a better way YES!!!*sparkle*

and I guess I'm the one with the largest comment. and with the one with the most grammar mistakes.
...well. I am a proud mrs. mistakes.
>:'| SO WHAT?!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand concerning the panels above.

WHY NOT! I mean..<.< here in Berlin, all I SWEAR ALL children knows that words!<.<
in that age of course<.<

It's pathetic D:
But I guess I would've laughed hard too... .......................

........ am I a bad girl now....?T_T'
and btw your tunnel is nice! D:
what size?XD

hahahaa XD

well well SEE YA*.*'<3
I NEED UPDATESSSS!!!!! T____T!!!!!!! aweh I wouldn't mind to be carried by that awesome guy...he sure is pervert<.<'''' haha XD
I want to read better submit more, soon or I BET YOU I STALK YOU TILL!!!!!*_____________________*<333

moaa D:
I adore it<3