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I'm crappy at drawing, and writing, and singing but I do them anyway because people say I'm 'good'. The only way to get better, in my opinion, is to criticise yourself constantly.
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What buisness could he have infront of a church I wonder? maybe he's being a rebel...
Also confused. Haven't played Endless in ages... not like I was very good at it anyway.
Hopefully my commands wont get ignored next time XD cant wait though :D
Command: Arai: Do a mid-air somersault, pulling his helmet off then try to stab him.
Nin: go in next room first all sneaky and ninja-like
Everybody else on lower tunnel: copy nin.
All on upper tunnel: walk in and try to scare whatever is in there (if anything?)
Command: Lyla: Tell the dragon they'll knock him out or make rocky sing for him!
Command: Marcus: Go past the drake and scout (drag shakby along aswell)
Command: Intravius: Command: Rocky: Sit on the drake and sing for a bit.
Command: Arai: ask how many more rooms there are on the floor they're on and if it knows where the key is.
Drake! How long have you known you were gay? And how long have you had felix? ^-^
Command: Intravius: ask the ghost where the princess is.
Command: marcus: ask the dragon if it would at least help them fight the drake
Command: lyla: get down from the picture.
Command: Arai: Run back the other way and hug lyla (because you must be scared by now and scared people need a hug :])
Command: shabky: Sit down and stare at the fire because its pretty if you look at it right
Command: Marcus: Pick up Lylas bow and throw it to her, then go join Arai to fight the drake
Command: Intravius: as Shackby to make an exploding potion then convince the green dragon to join your team
Command: Arai: Start a random conversation with the drake (or try)
Command: Lyla: Get down and attempt to ride the green dragon
Command: Shackby: Start making the potion and notice the ghost o.o
I found elfen lied funny, not scary :/ then again, I also found higurashi funny. And kakashi is pretty awesome isn't he?
:O who's the girl!? D: Can't wait for the update though ^-^
:O Who's that at the door!? :] please keep going with your manga!
March 22nd, 2010
<3 this comic... Though I don't know why I like these comics. Its probably the same reason as guys thinking its hot when girls make out...