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Hi everyone, I'm new. Here is my little guy. He is a blob.
My face is filled with egg
Almost is an understatement best used for when your pokemon is known to crush the first gym opponents on type advantage.

Its a good feeling.
PM pretty much considers everyone as siblings even if he has to bug them.

...and yeah I've been...gone for a while. Its a long story but I do want to say thanks to Shard for keeping me on the Exemption list even after the WST stuff. Hopefully I'll be back to this if I don't get too distracted with other things.
How many scythes does he have?!
Oh my god her arm is missing!
@Shard: ...*pulls out own heart from chest* ... *crushes it*

Ah the classic outside fighter punches out other fighter and DQ's the opponent.
Talk about a Dynamic Entry. She must have an explosive personality, but hey at least this entry ended with a bang, but I'm glad this didn't go snap crackle pop but went out with a boom.

So that's what its called. Been wondering about that since College.
PM ain't picky when it comes to art. He is art!
Holy crap I recognize three people on there. Including the cloaked one with the red eye.

You its been years.
Man Springman is so bad he got beaten off panel.
Be careful, he might have stairs nearby and spring down them.
From Met's Comic:

Never Forget.
@Ionic Defibrillator: I have that talent sometimes.

@Snurple-the-Hedgehog: He's more afraid of Venco because he didn't know wood was even edible.