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Fuck yeah! :P
I love Sheith! This comic looks amazing, and I hope you'll continue it for a long time! There's so much stuff in canon that speaks to my shipper heart. XD Think I've shipped them since I saw episode 1!

Oh, I think you miiiight have uploaded page 11 twice. :)
I agree with Aya_Yai. Naoto isn't falling in love with Kaoru... he's clearly not interested in Kaoru. He didn't feel the connection to him as he felt with the character in the game.

Since he doesn't know that they were both playing the game, Naoto doesn't know why the 'man behind the screen' doesn't give him the same feelings as in the game. And he repeatedly felt like Kurogawa (was that his name? must read the comic again...) was different in the game.

He's clearly feeling something for Shizu, but is 'dating' Kaoru because he thinks that is who he was playing against.

He is not falling in love with both of them, only Shizu...
OOoh, do I detect a jealous fiance? :D
This is gonna be good! <3
February 7th, 2017
@koyomu: I understand the feeling, but people get busy. that's life. Some people grow out of their projects before completion, and other's can keep their interest.

It's different for everyone, and we, as readers, are simply happy you decided to grace us with more pages! :D
February 6th, 2017
I was hoping that this day would come! Thank you for updating! :D I've been stalking this comic every couple months , glad to see you're back! <3
I feel that Nate has a hard time letting go of Mars... he's constantly breaking boundaries that came to be expected when he found his trofy, and it's just confusing Mars.

I just hope he and Hayden get together soon. :)
Kai, only option. The others look way too fem for my liking. Too stereotypical. :)
April 1st, 2014
Sorry for the rushed page...

I'm terribly sorry for the rushed page, and the lack of proper backgrounds. I just didn't have enough time, and as my Manga Studio software was messing up, I didn't have the energy to continue drawing.

Well, a bit of good news, starting next Monday, I'll be updating three times a week, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and I'll put in some serious effort towards backgrounds as well. :)

Have a nice day.
March 28th, 2014
Sorry it's a bit late today, but here it is.

Have a nice weekend, everyone. :D

This is great, but how do I fave it? I can't find the button. :P
This is just a fast (fast for me, anyway...) coloured version of the Chapter 1 cover. My first ever try in Manga Studio 5EX. :P

I'll get better at it eventually, promise. ;D
Welcome. :)
Hello and welcome to my webcomic.

Please ignore the (occasionally) crappy art, as this is a project for me to practice my drawings, and hopefully I'll improve as the comic progresses.

I also apologize for the low resolution, I'll fix it as soon as I figure out how to compress the image without compromizing the quality. :D

I'll be updating twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays, so there'll be another page up tomorrow.

Have fun staring at our main character in a dress! ;)

(And please ignore his weird hands... they were kicking my ass, so I am ashamed to say I gave up for a bit... I'll update this page once I get it completely done.)
I believe this is the exact moment Richard became a pervert. XD
Yep, European people have the 24 hour system, which rocks in comparison to the american 12 hour system! :P

One and a haf months? That's harsh! Here in Sween people get 10 weeks of summer vacation (the ones in school, at least.... *cries* back to work for me...)

Anyways~ Great update as always! Hope you'll get to enjoy your vacation. ^_^
I'm still rooting for m-preg ^___________^

awesome comic <3
I will love you forever if you go with the M-preg! The world needs mor man-mama's!


This comic is great ^______________^
This was really awesome! I admire your ability to draw panels and the way you put such thought into your layout as well as everything else.

Wonderful comic!

You are AWESOME!!!! ^___^
I absolutely ADORE this comic! It is so hilarious and awesome! ((I actually followed you from Y-gallery, it's a lot easier to find updates on Smackjeeves ^^))

I really hope we'll get some awesome new pages in not too long.

I love how you have two of my favourite Naruto pairings in the 'spotlight'. SasuNaru and ShinoKiba (( although the one I love most is LeeGaara. (Seme Lee, of course ^^)))

I love your humour in this, the comedy is hilarious and I've been laughing my ass off at more than one occasion ^^

Love you!!!!


ps: sorry if I sounded like some weird stalker~ish person, just take it as a compliment ^____________^