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OK!I hate these things, but I'll still do it.
Hey, my name is Stephanie. I love anything anime and Japanese! My hobbies are almost everything! I love to spend time on the computer making AMV and/or anime banners. I love to read novels and manga. I would like to try things before i accept or reject them. I'm from Florida. I have a Hispanic background(But I don't act Hispanic at all.) but was born in the US. I love animals and I love movies! I'm not girlie-girl, I'm kinda like a tom-boy. I love the goth culture. I love rock/pop and international(Japanese/Russian/Spanish/etc.) music. I'm currently in High School. Yeah, I think that's it!
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September 6th, 2011
Omg!!!! Time's up! What's going to happen?! D8
P.S. Every time i see the comic has upload it always makes my day. idk why but i just really love this story! :D oh, wait! I do know why, IT'S FRICKIN' AWESOME!!! xD
August 31st, 2011
T~T I'm loving this comic more and more each day. :') ANGEL IT'LL BE ALRIGHT!
August 29th, 2011
The details in this page is like OMFG!!! *O* AWESOME!!!! :D Great Job!
I couldn't help but laugh at that randomness. I do nothing too but on my bed. Now I wonder if I should do it on my floor... it looks dirty though. xD
AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^~^ so cute! I LOVE ZEUS!!! XD
OH...MY...GOD.... I am lost for words.... this is the most gorgeous drawing i have seen here on smackjeeves. UR AWESOME! XD
Sad but hilarious at the same time. Dragonthing just attacking Caterpie during the middle of that close brother speech. FUNNA!!! XD
Lol. That is SUCH a heartbreaking moment. Hilarious! XD
♥Its so awesomely cute! if my parents saw this i'll be totally in trouble. Thats how awesome it is.♥ XD