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I'm starting to think maybe I shouldn't have decided to read up on updates I missed. This is just making me spiral back into angst.
Mm... so, he borrowed the other kid's notes because he was lonely? Or maybe because he wanted to judge him individually, or something...

Oh, and, I suppose I should mention. I just found your story yesternight, and spent most of it catching up to your comics and other works, and you managed to rapidly climp up my list of favorite authors. So, tl;dr, new fan = me. c:
... I keep expecting Biel to suddenly be faced with a really pressuring event in the future and turn into a ruthless killing machine ._."
I've seriously watched too many horror films...
*A* I have fallen in love.
After 4 whole days of reading this comic, I have finally gotten from the first to the most recent page. Sniff. I'm so proud of myself.

ps. Will try to convert a friend into a fan tomorrow, now it's sleep time.
A good friend of mine once lived by this motto. However he quit after he was cast as main character in Life's new play.
Azure Lyne
August 20th, 2010
...I never thought I would see the day when one of my favorite Shakesperean characters' name would be used in a webcomic.
I just noticed you made a few small mistakes there. 'Humans' and 'ones' are spelled without the apostrophes{which are usually only used to denote possession}.
Other than that, this seems like a promising story, though you may want to get a beta.
On the third panel I thought it was a parody of Lady Gaga's song only Mickey's talking to Mickey.
reminds me of how I react when my family tries to get rid of the stuff I collect :3
Why take your chances with talking when you can always resort to good ol violence, I always say.
....That one reminds me of so many comics, I can't even count them all.
*insert freaky voice* Yes, Mickey. Ignore the shrink. Listen to the book. The book is your friend.
...soooo, he's a DELUSIONAL nutcase?
The only way I can think of that he'd be different is if this comic went into the 'fantasy' genre.
I lol'd at Arin's hair at the first panel, and he looks really cute in the fourth.

And oh, oh, pick me, pick me! I know, I know!
Scuttie's describing it as... -whatwasitcalledagain-
--wait, is Nike the bird-like one from before?
And I like how you made Zelus. It fits.
....does the EU part count if I order it while on vacation in Italy?
Aa, here's the fated death.
I hate to sound heartless, but I have to admit I saw this one coming since the title and the summary.
'A song for Elise'+emo+pills+a girl being in a supposedly shounen-ai/yaoi comic=character death.
...I wanna live in his mind :3
...he looks Russian. Is he Russian?