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lolwut? Why is she red?
So why is that window so bright? Also reminds me of SnI with the whole harem thing.
Well Ramsus isn't even on and Shia reminded me to comment so this is a hollow victory. Still good though. Dracula is cash. Also NEEDS MOAR LILJA.
Serious comic is serious.
I totally suck at S4. XD
This update wasn't too bad. The harem made me lol. And of course anything with Lilja is good in my opinion.
YEAH IZLUDE. My old RO hang out.
I love all the dialogue including Lilja. I think it's great. Also the "Dat ass" in the last comic was great.
Damn you Ramsus. Also great work. Hopefully this pace keeps up?
I didn't know they believed in Norse mythology. Odin is pretty bad ass. SO are we going to have to wait a long time for the next chapter? Or are you going to some kind of filler? Or is it going to just update like normal?
I didn't even know what that was supposed to be >_<
I hate you Ramsus. Also Ninjas are bad ass.
Not the first comment so it doesn't matter that I beat Ramsus. TT-TT
It doesn't feel the same T-T
You still had the first one even though you cheated.
Keep it coming dude. Also Ramsus is a whore. That is all.
SHUT UP RAMSUS. It's not all for you. It's for me!