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dead not dead im so sorry
I knOW i'M LIKE the WORST writer EVER. HAHAHA. (no pls forgive me huhu) Like, I wouldn't be surprised if everyone's like forgotten about this thing I call a comic.

But honestlyyy, I've been thinking of getting myself back into comic-making and andand guess what-- yeah. Revamp this lil shit. :O

I still want to go over the story again and restart on rewriting/redrafting it in my brain (or ACTUALLY draft it). So yeah, not rly gonna be THAT soon. But still! Ahaha I'm starting to get very excited for this again *v*)a

That's kind of a redraw of Hiromi.. O)--<
eee seems really interesting * A * /// looking forward to more, merle <3
Aww this is so cute and hilarious! And your pages are so beautiful Q///n//Q <3333
Finally got to update again! QvQ
@Reiri Tsusaki: Thank you!!
And hope your finals went okay dear /pats u
wuuu sorry for being so slow with this! I haven't lost interest with it; I just got busy with school Q - Q;; Updates will still be slow... Finals is coming up in less than a month. aaaa;;;; OTL
Also ahahah omg please excuse my inconsistent style ;;;;;;;; /rolls away
Thank you for the support, guys QuQ <333 I really appreciate the nice comments-- it makes me happyy guuu/////
@Skully: jfldkldglj Thank you so much! I'm really glad that it does eheh ;//v//; <333
First impression of our heroine... she throws up. = v =;;
@Niriko: LMFAO MURSH HI OMG DKAKSFJSGKH AND TRUE; so kawaii kirakira desu +~+~ //HIT
Added flowers to her puke to make it pretty-- D: /SHOTDEAD
@FairyWater: kflsfjslgkh not really pro.. but thank you for the kind words! ;//O//;
@Oku37: Thank you!!! ; o ;

@Skully: LMAO he's a grouch XD /SMACKED
She's sleeping like a log. lololol;;
I'll try to update as much as I can cos once sem break's over, I think I'll be busy with school again. Y __ Y ;;;
Kiyoshi is a bully. Y - Y
edit: *has not have... grammar orz

Fourth page... and here is our main protagonist. \(^O^)/
@Skully: yes. QUQ They help with my procrastinating problem lmfaoo And thank you very much!! ;O; <3333

@Yuima: I'll try to make regular updates as much as I can! And thank you very much! ; 3 ;

@kenmarvin: KEN! HEHEHE Thank you!! I'm also looking forward to YOUR work okay? Get working! LOLOL
Third page. ^O^ God-bashing by villagers hahah /HIT
Page two! My friend insisted I should finish at least fifteen to twenty pages before break ends... >q<; It would really be quite a challenge ahahah orz

btw, yes, he's sleeping on clouds. :I
First page /o/