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Welcome back, sweety!
Every day?! You're the best!
I'm glad to know you feel better! I know how it feels to be depressed, and how hard it is to get out of it. You should be proud, even if you're still a bit stressed.
By the way, I love that picture of Matt and Daniel ><!
I love this story! I've been following it for quite some time now.

I just thought I'd say something, since it's been kinda bothering me for the last two panels... The crook of the quavers, it's the other way around.Or at least that's how I learned it, and I don't think it's different anywhere in the world... I just thought I'd mention this since I know music, don't take this the wrong way, it doesn't really matter. ♪♪♪
This is great! Ed's reaction is the best! At least it's not cheasy, and it's actually hilarious!
November 19th, 2010
I'm a megane otaku...
Noooo !

To say I already loved Daniel, but now he wears glasses ? You want me to die ? I looooooove glasses !!
Now I downright worship him !

(I wanted to post this on the previous page, but since this one's already out...)
OMG, I can't believe she's drooling ! Well, I can understand her, I'm totally a megane otaku too.