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Voro the Bat
I'm basicly a guy that loves sci fi movies and games, especially Halo, I like spriting and creating my own characters. Also, if you happen to think I'm perverted... Then you're one hundred percent correct. :P

Favorite Games:

1. Halo 2

2. Halo 3

3. Halo:Reach

4. Soul Calibur II

5. Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess
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    Theodore Mitchell
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@Bruce the Hedgehound: That's what I thought, too. But the Mayans had an actual prophecy about 12/21/12.
I'm revamping my favorite Covenant Elite armor from Halo: Reach for my game. I think the "sideburn" is a welcomed change. I'm thinking of adding mandible guards similar to the Halo 4 Zealot helmet.
@comicboy: I dislike the game, but I won't shove it down everyone's throats like you're doing. :/
@comicboy: *Facepalm* Do you even know what causes blood clots? Lack of movement for long periods of time. I've done plenty of gaming marathons like he did. Difference is: I was smart enough to get up every once and a while. Loading screens and in-between lobbies are great times to get up and move. :/
@Bruce the Hedgehound: PewDiePie is actually pretty funny. And I see no evidence that says no one cares about him. :/
Holy Hell! Look at that sexy smile!

People still use WinXP?
Trying to be active on this comic, happy, Ultra?
Here's a frame from an animation I'm working on.
Yeah, I was just messing around with this Elite biped in 3DS MAX and decided to make this pose. I might use it my game later, after animating of course. Obviously, the injury involves the mandibles.
@comicboy: Just look at the context of the comments.
@Bruce the Hedgehound: I do, because I am! >:D

@comicboy: orly?
@comicboy: I think you just said you prefer using proper grammar. If so, then why aren't you using it?
@comicboy: You mean "swearing"? If so, you replied to the wrong person. The most swearing I do is "damn", "Hell", and "shit". Not the most major, compared to what Samurai pizza hedgehog (The person who you likely meant to warn).
@Bruce the Hedgehound: Oh, he lives under my sink. Helps himself to glasses of milk.
@Bruce the Hedgehound: Slendy needs $20 for rent.