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So many ideas, too much procrastination =[
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One thing about the hands, we wouldn't be seeing the thumbs if she were holding them like that.

It made the page a little...interesting...until I re-read it.
The best way to go.
A dead girl is fine too-

I mean.

What nice....hands...she has.
I don't think I can love Nilus more than I do now xD
'I am king. All of it.'

I laughed. So hard.
Something's gonna come out of the tub. HERZ. HERZ, STAND STILL OR YOU'RE GONNA DIE-
Oh, you told us not to say anything.
Well, then.
Milk, your Silent-Hill-fan-side is showing.

I hope nothing comes out of the tub.
Does that mean you were considering marrying Sergio if he didn't say those creepy things?
Tired Alain is tired.

How long did it take you to do that building? I could never do that Dx
I read that as 'get it on with.'

Hoo, boy.
Tommy's the smarter of the two? Hogawd.
Can't swim? Impossible.
Ahaha, Link, if only you knew that she was the Sage. She exists everywhere. You can't escape.
The poison is in the TEABAG. Draco knows too much, so Alain's taking him out.

Alain, why do you make yourself look like the killer?
Maybe their both killers and being watched. So they need to look casual.
I don't...I don't know. I want some tea ._.
Vlad looks like he has a little mustache going on there, ehehe
My teacher says 'Alas.'

The students make fun of him, but I like it ;-;
Her organs were eaten. She was left a bloody mess in the streets with pieces lying everywhere.

Because Tim ate her. Those constant semen samples were getting to him. He needed a place where he could be free. A place where he could eat people without prejudice.

Like London.
Dat accent.