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First off, sorry about my old description. I came off more as a jerk then I intended to :/

Well, I'm a high school student who is very much interested in comics. I am also a serious person so for the most part, expect super-serious comments from me with a few feeble attempts at lighthearted zaniness. At the moment I'm going through a Pokemon fan-comic craze (I have a lot of Nuzlocke comic ideas besides my Black run), but I may post some of my original comics here one day.

I hope you enjoy whatever comics I have here, and any constructive criticism you have for any page in any comic is greatly appreciated.
Two things to note:
1) This side comic takes place in-between chapters 6 and 7

2) From here on out I'll be drawing the comic digitally for better quality and hopefully faster updates. I figured out how to type up text in the comic while working on this, but I kept the handwriting for this side comic to keep things unified.
Of course this sort of strip pops up on the day my cats bring home two dead mice XD
I actually made this a while ago, but I wanted to wait until I finished the chapter before posting this here (though I guess I could of posted it back then, then switch it around after the chapter was done).

And yes, that means chapter five is finally done.
Somehow, when naming my Woobat, I forgot that I had a internet handle I use almost everywhere for all my accounts that had the word 'Puffy' in it. And now people probably think I'm a huge egotistical person for naming one of my Nuzlocke Pokemon after my username OTL
Don't be shy about joining the forum! I was shy about joining and posting my comic there at first, but the users there are super nice and friendly.

I love it when NPCs say something that has a whole new meaning/implication when you're doing a Nuzlocke.
@TheProjectCore: Couldn't Alder have died after jumping off Twist Mountain? I know Cheren isn't Alder, but I think Cheren could manage to land safely after jumping off the Daycare building; it's not that tall.
@Bumblebot: The show is called 'Knightmare'. And I'm happy someone got the reference! :D
@locoroco1: I actually meant to have Cheren say he would jump down when Sam went to the Daycare to heal up, but it was getting wordy and I figured more people associated the center with healing than the daycare.
@locoroco1: I appreciate the advice, but I'm way past Lenora's gym in-game so I can't really follow it ;^^
@superhaxoor: Could you point out what I've misspelled? I know there's one in the prologue that I haven't fixed here yet, but I haven't noticed any others yet.

I'm happy that you enjoy the run!
@Ghostnappa: Er, I'm afraid this isn't the place to rant about Pokemon you don't like. Try the Serebii forums for that.

Besides, Kinks are awesome!
Before Anyone Asks...Again...
The song Sam sings is Felix's theme song from the 20's (although I'm not sure how universal this theme was; if the videos I found are any indication, this might of been a British-only song), and it can be heard in this video:
Before Anyone Asks...
The song the old people sing is Felix's theme song from the 60's, and it can be heard in this video (it's the first song of the video):
That is definitely a exaggeration, but thank you regardless! Don't worry, I plan on updating every Sunday with at least one page.
Oh man, you're right! And I haven't caught any Pokemon in this town yet! GO POKEBALL-

Wild N fled!

These comics are hand drawn, then cleaned up via computer. That said, sometimes my scanner messes up a side and I don't feel the need to rescan, or my handwriting is hard to read in some bits. Please let me know if it's hard to read at any point; I'll try to salvage it.
And So It Begins...
I hope no one minds the prologue that doesn't focus on the main character. I also hope no one noticed that accidental mix-up where instead of this page, another page was posted first. Sorry about that.

So my own rules for my Nuzlock Run:

1. If a Pokemon faints, it is dead and thus permaboxed.
2. You can only catch the first Pokemon on each route, Dupes Clause and Shiny Clause in effect.
2.A. To correspond with rule 4, if you lose every single Pokemon you have and are unable to reach a new route, then you may catch the first Pokemon of each of the previous routes to act as a temporary team.
- The minute you can catch a new Pokemon on a new route, the entire temporary team must be permaboxed.
- If you've already caught one Pokemon from every route in the ENTIRE game and lose every single one of them, the rule can be 'refreshed', and you can catch the first Pokemon of each route again.
3. Nickname all Pokemon caught.
4. The challenge only ends when I get my name signed into the Hall of Fame.

I hope I'll never have to worry about rule 2.A...
I've kept my word
So I've finally uploaded the prologue. I was hoping to upload both the prologue and the first chapter together, but it's already taken me forever just to do this one chapter. This will probably be one of the uglier-looking chapters as this was the 'test dummy' for how to edit the comic online. The first two pages will be bad, I'm warning ya, but the other pages are a bit better. I'll do my best to improve my skills by the next chapter.

Remember that these chapters are posted in bulk so while it will take me a while, you'll see the entire chapter when I post. The first chapter is already getting some of the coloring treatment, though it will most likely be a while.
I really like this page. Penelope's changing emotion sequence is so cute and sweet and that smile near the end just makes me smile and feel all warm inside. Plus, great use of starry eyes!