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how conveinant
I just finished watching that movie and that fits so well
In the last panel, is it supposed to be "What did they do this time?"
my computer got infected with a virius that deleted every thing including start up so i will need some time to get it fixed
my hair say's In America!
yay, In America
this i made just to see what i can do
can you add some more poses to my sprite
Yes this is my first sprite made recently and is 65% custom
oh bass will you ever catch a break?
i say ker will win 5-3 with Quad, Chrii, Krauss, Dinah, and Ventious
dang it wrecker you just had to be bad-ass>_<
Dinahs thought: Phil will die!
qsjkbgvdjksdbhvjkasdbasjdbasn dmnasb cwe..... f#(& wrecker
if quad doesn't then he is stupid -_-
i totally saw that coming
January 21st, 2011
no quad how could you ;_;
come on quad screw wrecker over \m/(^.^)\m/