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Welcome to Judo Comics. Home of pop-culture in a lucha-mask. That mask, of course, is worn by our hero Mr. Incognito.
We have comics, art, photos, posters, and films all for YOUR viewing pleasure.
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Judo Versus The Undead

A GREATER DISCOVERY THAN THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS!!! Not really but I got your attention didn't I.Just in
time for Halloween...Mr.Incognito versus Count Drago,the vampire.With the popularity of the JUDO COMICS feature
in JUDO WORLD magazine and the success at the box-office of the Mr.Incognito movies a plan by the publishers of
JUDO WORLD was made to produce a Mr.Incognito comic book.It was Mr.Incognito himself who vetoed the idea.The
masked man who believed in the old show business saying,"always leave your audience wanting more" thought it was a
bad idea to go into competition with yourself.The project was scrapped.But not before 5 pages and a cover was drawn up.
Now after over 40 years those pages have been found at a garage sale in Madison,Wisconsin of all places.Enjoy them now
as our Halloween treat to you.
Here we go gang! Vance Capley, Dave Goode, Mr. Incognito, and Hollywood Lon hanging out in our studios putting together some more retro fun....
Facebook "friend" Judofist, an angry fan who loved judo and was upset by our pop culture and lack of his favorite sport, redesined Mr. Incognito for us. We listened to what he had to say, without arguing with him, and we won him over. Judofist is one of our biggest supporters. And by the art is always welcome. Send it to Judo Comics on facebook....
This a different approach to the TV Guide layout...
Could this have been a possible cover for TV Guide? According to Stan Sapperstein's papers, TV Guide (or someone within the company) wanted another superhero for the cover. They'd already had Superman in the 50's, Batman just a few months before this picture was taken, why not Mr. Incognito? Sadly, just like real life, Bruce Lee came along as Kato and Judo became a thing of the past....
Here is the cover to the now classic Vixen magazine. Stan Sapperstein suggested to Vixen Magazine publisher Ira Dymwitter that he should put Mr. Incognito SOMEWHERE on the cover. After burbon and cigars, this was the final result....aaaahhhhhh the 60's