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Hey im kris i basically have a boring typical life nothing i wish to ramble bout. My hobbies are reading writing drawing listening to music(and making it xD) pulling pranks on people trying annoy my teachers at school and just chilling and doing something stupid with my friends ... yep i think im done now....
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u dont have to explain anything to him toki!!!! just put on a sad but cute face and everything will be ok....>.>
ok my friend and i were staring intently at the picture waiting for something to happen......we craped ourselves..-_-
ok vinny is my new favourite character! so cute!
i hope your hands get better!
...questions the magic flute.
zoshi you are too cute sometimes!!!! she has to have EXTREME will power to withstand you x)
ohhhhh zoshi we all know your fakingxD just tell her how you really feel dammit!
...this page brings back sad memories.......CRONOS IM GONNA KICK UR ASS AL THE WAY TO TARTARUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
run chibi zues....*gets an axe and slaughters cronos*
My God hades...U IDIOT!!!!!!!! sure cronos put you up to it but hes your little could you?!
*spazzes on the floor*
awwww bob go comfort her!!!!
bob you are too cute!
well she did say no...but that was still badass!
this is beautiful and creepy at the same kate!!!
June 24th, 2010
hehe i think i love the blonde dude and his freind already ;)
Rhea is beautifull and zues is just plain huggable!!! <3
k now i see why zeus hates him so much is he just there to soy on him?!though i still love ya hades! <3
oh crap hades say no more bout zeus or lie!!! hes probably to crazy to realize ur r :3 damn i agree with Reke_Hime it is creepy :/
please tell me hes not thinking what i think hes thinking.....O__O!!! thats so worng xD!
June 23rd, 2010
WOOOO! welcome back xD!!!