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I touch little girls and rape little boys.
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Ash is pensive, hmmm.
Awe, Ash is left out of the fun times. I was going to add another "fun" font into the third panel.... but Rebecca Black came into mind, and I had to stop myself (-_-)

Anyway, Just to let you guys know... these guys won't stay small forever. There will be a time skip to when they're teenagers, not pre-teens! It won't be for another 2 or 3 chapters, but this arch is coming slowly to a close :P

Something to (maybe) look forward to~
What an emo dad.
lol! I trolled you guysss... Ash wasn't angry :P
He is a bit confused, though. Will things go up or down from here?!!

Many of you got the alcoholic part, but hey, it's not that uncommon amongst abusive parents :P

Also, do any of you read my news posts? I'm just curious because I sometimes post stuff there, like whenever I can't make an update on Monday or whatnot. Just making sure that you guys knew the update would be late, and that it would be today ^^;

I had to re-download a lot of brushes and patterns for my comp ever since I fully restored it. I also had to re-downlooo---- BUY photoshop again. Hohoo.
Uh oh, Ash seems angry! WHAT WILL HAPPEN.
Who saw David being okay with drinking coming?! Haha!
He'd do anything to be cool (awee)

Thanks for sharing your stories with me guys, that was a fun read! Lots of people seem to prefer wine... I personally don't like wine D: Alot of you don't like beer.... I prefer beer (total hipster cat, lol)

See you all next week!! <3
PAGE 100!!11 whoohoo
Yay for 100 pages! Also, yay for them finally noticing the alcohol (or.... found out)!! It's a big day! How will they react?!!

....Okay, it's not that exciting, lol.

Some people told me their first experience with alcohol.... fun! I remember mine, too! I was with two of my friends... and we were playing Earthworm Jim on the playstation (no idea why) and for some reason it kept cracking me up... every move Jim did in the game seemed hilarious to me.

Yeah I know, sounds more like I was high, but yeah! Haaaha then afterwards we all laid in bed and hugged each other saying I love yous.... ...........bromance. *cough*

ANYWAY, Happy memorial day!!
Ahhh, so it finally starts!
Hey guys, good to be back! Hope you're glad too!
We've only been apart for 2 weeks, but it felt like forever (to me, anyway).

As of now, my laptop is still shit but it's working. Can't run ANYTHING without me running it as administrator anymore, though. Balls. Well I've got a couple pages drawn ahead of time, so whenever I turn this junk in to get it fixed somewhere (since I'm too lazy to do it myself), there will be no hiatuses ;9
Ziggy <-- troll
HAHA, sorry to say, I enjoyed pranking you guys on the last page xD

Hmm, everything seems quiet on the western front... when are they going to realize their drinks have been spiked? Didn't they notice it by now? WTH!

Oh btw, someone had a question I'm sure most of you would like answered also.... they asked about Aiden saying abbreviated words like "WTF", and how it's read... the way it's read is just "What the fuck"
I just like saving space in the text bubbles (LOL)

For replying to comments, instead of individually
answering questions, I'll do summaries like this! :P
but just know I'm reading ALL your comments, and
memorizing your sns.... and profiles.... and addresses...

Thanks everyone for the very nice feedback <3
This is the end, thank you all for reading! BYE.

JK lolol

but srsly, thank you everyone for your constant support and comments (they help me know you guys are actually there)! Specialll thanks to those who've been with me since the beginning :D

Also I see this comic has been slowly but surely gaining more fans; HI!

More pages to come, stay tuned!
A real page update will be here tomorrow evening time-ish!

much love,
Yay, a totally heart warming scene~!
Makes me wanna puke sparkles and hearts! :D
Who's inner monologue is speaking in the last panel? Who knows.... maybe it's all of them! (it is)

So this finally makes the end of Chapter 5!
Moving on to chapter 6... can you believe we're
at 6 chapters now? *high five* I'm proud to say
that I've been super good with my updating :D
*kills my streak next week* lol uhhh....jk

Next chapter will get a little more rough again!

I'm hungry. BRB
ohhh P!K you know me too well LOL
I faked you out with Ash's laugh for a second there xD
I like how most of you thought Ash was about to throw up, LOL. Ooo David is bantering back :D and I ate too much brownies.

I see some of you get Ash and Aiden mixed up... I DON'T KNOW WHY?
Jk, probably cuz their names are (somewhat) similar...

Just keep in mind that uhh...
Aiden is the black haired kid,
and Ash is the blonde. Maybe you can think
like... Ash = ash-y colored hair? LOL iono


I fixed the virus! That was quick, ehh?
Yeah, I killed the virus by running my comp on safe mode/network, then downloaded Spyware doctor, lol. I WIN. How'd I get that virus, I don't know.... it popped out of nowhere from that porn site.


I haven't replied to comments....
procrastination to le max :S
Sorry, bro.
Yeahh, the dancing sequence was how they hoped the game would go... and this is their drunken reality lolol.

Ohh... Ash is laughing! akjdhalkdfgjhdfg
They sure do like falling all over each other... haha!

Mann I'm so behind in replying to comments... curses!
I'll get back to replying to everyone sometime tomorrow!
Dance dance dance~
Every online comic needs at least
one page with a dancing sequence xD

How the heck are they able to dance
with all that booze in their system?!!

If you guys want a better idea of how they're dancing, look here!

Don't you wish you can see them dance to it for real.... LULZ.

I work all week, only have one day off... shoot me!
Will reply to comments later!
GameOverMan: Yesss, this is what Aiden had in mind lol xD make things less awkward in between strangers :P

I guess Ash can't really handle his alcohol, lols~

TheGreatEscape: I never bought DDR, always played it in the arcades.... when it used to be only 50 cents a play! :D

Cosm0naut: because they are :D heheh

JessieVincent: LOL, exactly

kola kitten: Awe, thanks!!!

maniactly-a-lunatic: ooo, glad to hear! :D

Meg-comics: I saw ittt xD

ThexFroggyxGirl: YAH IT'S BAD, HOW CAN YOU THINK THAT. loljk :P

rayquo: ohh, you got the point in this chapter; them being kids :P

A p r i l: Don't worry about David, I already got his whole future set out for him :P How will they all be paired up? Nobody knows~ (except me, of course lol)

sammy: yesss master D:

TechnicolorTango: Ahh, glad you rejoined this comic!! <3 and thanks! Ever since I changed the banner more people have been adding the comic, lol xD
It was sparks :P
It'll just be a one-page dance sequence :P
Ooo so what does that look on Ash mean? Are they blushing,
or is it the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol? *girl squeal*
She... she had a magical transformation
LOL, yeah, that's exactly what went through my mind too, haha! I was actually waiting for it too, right when they decided to go bring justice at the mall xD
Reigan: Yah, Just Dance is fairly new... well, compared to DDR I think many games are fairly new, haha! :P

crecentmoon2: Ahh, a new reader! Thanks very much, hope you stick around! :D

RAWR_naomi: Another new reader :D this comic <3's you!

joeitucker: Or maybe not mad? Haha xD

Eilonwyn-chan: Yeah, majoirty of people who know DDR well are fellow nerds and arcade goers (:

Person: WTF, I would have went to all my school dances just to play DDR and show off :o

trashanorexia: Thanks much! <3

Yaoi-san and Minty-chan: HAhaa! <3 I loled xD
What a brat, lolll :P
.... or is it? :P

If you were in high school/middle school in the 90's,
you probably know/still play DDR :P heheh

and yes, RadicalTrain,
Ash's face never gets a break, LOL

Glad to see some new readers/posters <3
Reigan: That's the game my friends and I always play whenever we're at my house (since like... I don't own any systems other than Nintendo and Super Nintendo) (-_-) lol!

sbdrag: I get my groove on ;P though I admit, I've never played Just Dance before, haha!

ArtistGrace: I looove Katamari, and yes it's a great game when you're high lol (not saying... I was ever high or anything...) (<_<)

Darkblade: I...I'm sorry, next time I'll make them play SSB, haha!

Cross27: It will be full of excellence, what chu talkin' 'bout

jmegrl17: I love drawing them, lol :P

RadicalTrain: It's a very silly game for the Wii, it's actually a Wii fit game... lol!

Kellysterhabit: xD

DarkArtistSkye: I wanna play it sometime (<_<) lol

Emily: That sentence fits perfectly well for this situtaion (:

Vaintius: I was thinking of making them play Warioware, but then I thought drawing them dancing it out will be easier (lazy) LOL


Lane-Chan: Best way to play!

mandralyne: Man, if only I could animate xD

Guest: I love you too!

tinytinykingkong: Thanks, it's going great! :D they love meh, heheh

Cosm0naut: I see every comment ever posted (@_@) lol

lady_gyneth: Oooo, who knows? ;D

Hyli_Tuben_Mechanic: evil indeed xD

maxvalue: NO YOU DIDN'T, there's so many more pages to come! (lol)

Pronce: :D

roxjey: xD

Yaoi-san and Minty-Chan: ohoho, joint accounts, fun stuff! :D I get a two-in-one, yeah!

JessieVincent: Hold it, or else it'll fall!
Ash got an elbow to the face xD
They won't actually be playing the game for another 3 pages, LOL sry for people wanting to see some fancy dancing action xP

Aiden, how the heck do you not know about DDR? I won't forgive you, even if you are only 14! David would know, him being Asian and all. I dunno if DDR is still popular amongst the young kids these days anymore, is it? Who's in middle school/high school right now, tell me! LOL

Updating before heading off to work.
At this rate I might as well update on Saturdays (since I have weekends off, mostly). BUT NO THX I like Mondays :P

Comments have been replied to! :D