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Shado Wulf
hmm. what to say...

I procrastinate. In fact, I procrastinate absolutely. I have next to no willpower for getting things done.
I am also a book junkie. That given, I don't do anything productive much, so don't expect a torrent of comics from me.

~ Shado

Likes: Philosophy, reading, drawing, thinking, debating, satire, a good bit of fantasy
Dislikes: harmful ignorance, shallowness, white noise, loss of things to read
Do you suppose Atty exploded that pikachu for effect, or did the universe just plan that bit out for him?
we can tell, bunny, we can tell *pats*

(mind, it's always pokemon with you, isn't it?)
oh, you just had to go all doctor who on it, didn't you
lucarios can get leprosy??