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Myself: I live in a fictional world quite often as fictional people. But please, call me Lily.

Likes: Kicking ass (grappling, fencing, video games)
Taking names (new friends, new media, new nemesis whith which to have epic battles)

Hobbies: Imaginary people. My own, my friends', and those of complete strangers.
Also, dancing/skating/fencing/singing/drawing

Occupation: Princess of Hell. And head of Hell PR. ^_^

Etc: stuff
  • Real Name
    Clarissa Lileth Firechild
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You're back!

Hee, hee. Psych fight!
October 1st, 2010
Despite the wrapped pattern, a tattoo makes more sense with the total pattern. Interesting....

September 29th, 2010
Snazzy. Sync just got hella more sexy.
Just out of curiosity, where'd he get the arm wrap? Or did that just appear out of coolness factor?
It's the only bit of the outfit I haven't managed to track how it got from A to B. Just something he puts on every day under his clothes in case of badass sleeve rip?
September 13th, 2010
I'm wallowing in the pretty madness. The art has definitely gotten more stylized. ^_^

I wish you'd update more often but I always say that. So is he the green eyed monster because he has green eyes and is crazy or is he really a beast of jealousy (the original green-eyed-monster)?
I'm so glad you're back! Nothing I love more than a good dose of crazy!!

Seriously, poor Fran. I want to hug him... then maybe crawl inside his head and watch the crazy unfold. ^_^
Aaaauuuhhhg! No! Not the main character!
New chapter!!
and appropriately creepy/awesome!!

No worries about experimenting. That's how QC got so amazing. The difference between the first comic and the latest is incredible.
Alright, Lime is frigging awesome. Definitely one of the best reaction sequences yet.

And go Kinny for knowing his own stuff.
Not a bad little chapter at all.Quite tasty and definitely well drawn.
Happy birthday to ASP's sister and the USA.

Poor computer, wonder why Lemon's so worked up about it.

Awww, LOVE the vote incentive. No freaking kidding!
The art is great and the concept isn't bad but this page is pretty confusing.

^_^ I look forward to seeing what it becomes.
Morals define everyone. All the best villains have a very interesting version of morality. Just not standard.
I definitely adore the banter between characters. Favorite part of the comic hands down.

And I totally support you keeping it more edited. I've seen too much go downhill too fast when the goal is sex appeal.

And besides, who DOESN'T love some tantalizing almost-romance? Though if you ever do get tempted to accomplish hookup by Lime's standards, you might offer it as extra content off the main track. ^_^
Welcome back, I was worried you were gone forever!

Sounds like "What are you in for?" is a common question, poor Fran. :(

EDIT: Please come back!
Oh yeah
I've definitely had some amazingly strange (sober) conversations in restaraunts. These opportunities make waitering sound not so bad. :)

Poor guy's obviously new.
That either means I don't have this problem because
a) my chest isn't interesting enough or
b) my hair is just that awesome
That's a very good point.
I definitely stare at boobs more if there's words on them.

However, I'd trade some staring for a snarky button any day. :) I love me some snarky buttons.

Poor Darell, overcome by Rosalyn's sheer womanlyness.
Yes, honey. He did bring a girl home.

My best guess as to that reaction is probably that he'd sort of filed Julian under "dad-ish" Bringing girls home is not traditionally in that file.
Heh, good solid humor in beautiful color.
I'll euphemism when I"m more awake.
So she IS a....D.... thing
Congratulations on the domain!

Also, I concur with boobs.