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Gamer,reader,collecter,music lover,i love destroying stuff,i write fantasy,romance,and mystery stories(don't ask about the romance catagory)
i like:games,books,tv,card games,working on my grandma's computer,correcting people's grammer,proving people wrong,anime(kekaishi,naruto shippuden,vampire knight,and bleach mostly)

i dislike:dark chocolate,alot of people at my school,when i am fixing something and someone comes up and destroys it completly five minutes later

neutral with:romantic stories,movies,manga,ect.(this does not mean anything i just like them),sweets,reading,writing,drawing(i need to get better though)

Saturn the hedgehog

Neutral with:
just about everyone else

dunno anyone that much
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August 1st, 2010
i think i laughed to hard beuse of ditto's face
What about Bleach.

anyway,is zonow and beat on a collision course with each other.
My eyes were burning the whole time.
edit:and cover my baby bros. eyes
Nice one Saturn...ish.
For once i am going to say this,Forget the laws of physics i want explosions.And everyones' faces are funny
add shading to shirt it might be a good thing,I think,I dunno my glasses are gunky,It looks like you just used one color for it,Just saying.
*listens*Wow...times like this I am glad my eyes are messed up.
This might end up cool.
*has a flamethrower squirt gun*ok since you said sorry i'll let it slide....this time =_=...jk
NOO porkins....*whispers to person beside me*who's Porkins
@ Ghost
I'm a guy.-_- i use pink the fun of it.
that's...gotta hurt
...was that a metabot refrence...
it is acually only when i am in my pyromaniac mood but still they can't trust me around one whithout me being watched.
I can't get near waterguns anymore unless i am watched...i can make a watergun into a firegun
lucky i caught on fire more times than fingers and they all hurt(three happened less than half a month ago)
I'll buy it...but i already have blank space.