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October 10th, 2007
Zomg! You've updated to much~! I feel horrible for not being around =___=; I love how it's going so far though. I'm still very interested to see what's in that box XDD
September 8th, 2007
ZOMG! I havnt been on in sooo long! you updated so much yey~! Have fun in College~! Toga and Partaaay alot!! XDD lol. *sniffle* I still have one year to go =__=; lol)
teh random voice in the bathroom~!=0 -gaspe- XDD lol. I love this Transylvania thing so far~! I can't wait to see what's in that box!! <3
xD I'd say more boredom than paranoia. lol.Don't worry Maurice, not everything want's to kill you~! <3 xDD Awsome page~! Love his expressions. =D
Yay~! Update~! I've been so out of it lately =___=; I've lost track of all my fav comics. I love this page~! Jouet looks soo cute!! XDD
Aww. Poor Grendel. He cares about you y'know! <3
XD I love Maurice's expression xDD So much suspense in this comic! Bad trash! Don't leave cliffies!! XDD >w< <3
Kyaa~! I love the size difference~! XD <3
Poor little Maurice, don't ask questions, just follow orders. Makes life great~! 8D xDD

Yay for 500+ fans~! =D *dances* Congrats~!
Oh~! Yay! I'm glad you had fun~! I love where this is going~! Transylvania. I'd love to go visit there at least once in my life <3
aww~! I wish I could go~! ;__; lol. Take lots of pics~! <3 Have fun~! =D
=0!!! *flails* run mystery man run like you've never run before!!! *mad man's laugh* XDD
>=0 how dare ye speak to ze awesome Jouet like that!? >[]< *shakes fist* someone needs to teach him a lesson! grr....Love the sudden cliffy though....makes a girl wanna know what's next XD
ZOMG! Ze Shoe of t3h dewm!!! =0... XDD lmao. I love the whole dog comment XD Poor Maurice, being degraded so. lol. I still say that kid is beyond adorable~! >w< The shoe must be revealed!!! *excited*
lawl. Crash~! Jouet seems so motherly like XD Don't run too far off dear~! <3 XDD Great stuff XD Love those cobble stones~! <3
lawl. 'tis true! XD That kid is so cute~! >w< ~<3 *wait axiously to see his involvment in the story* :3
Lol. Redrum.-le gaspe- Damien~!!! >w< <3 <3 <3 Can't wait for the next pages~! 8D
Nuu!! XDD I wanna see what there!! XD lol. The excitement! I can't contain it! XD
Oh noes! I want to know what's in the box >[]<;!! xDD Yey! His first delivery~! *sniffle* He's growing up so fast! XD <3 lol.
XD I love Jouet's expression there XD I have a feeling Maurice ain't gonna like what he's about to do XDD
Kawaii~! XDD I absolutely adore this! XD Little Jouet has a nekki bum bum X3 -shot- <3 lol.