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And this one...
worries just right.
Awww and here I was hoping she'd actually escaped from Batman.
That kid yell about his sister is literally a running gag.
lol, Is she really that thick or is she just blatantly ignoring his pining?
Surfin Bat
A wave of bats. Does this mean they're not a particle? Or is Bat a new spectrum of light?
The fact that he's actually saying that....rofl.
This is a nice and involved scene and yet I'm still understanding what is going on. Hurray!
Waking from Unconsciousness
Step 1) Ask people where you are/what is going on. Step 2) Move on before letting anyone answer. Step 3) Run around in a confused panic.
Best philosophy ever.
Hmm....well at least they didn't catstab her. Then she would probably be really upset.
I have a bad feeling about this
I loled at that last exchange there.
Best comic yet. I finally understand everything that happened. =P
Dat ass indeed.
That is a very cute opening for the chapter. Too cute? I suppose I'll have to wait and see.
Sense Making
Yeah, it definitely makes a bit more sense now. Also nice mysterious evil villain. So mysterious he's just a patch of shadow.
lol, nice.

Are these going to be our intermission hosts for the whole comic or will we have random people for different ones?
Wow, we've finally gotten to the end of the chapter. I look forward to chapter 2.
What a cute little girl. Sitting on her....moon? With a cat on her...head. Well I suppose she still makes more sense than Baron my-feet-are-on-fire now with more ruffles!

Also....poor corpse girl. Being all corpsy.
Now there are ninja? Crazy.
Not dying should always be step 1 of a good plan. For good measure I like to make it one or two other steps as well just to be safe.