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22 year old military wife with one kid. I am a total nerd but also stupidly girl. I love all things pink and sparkly. You can never have too punch pink or glitter. LOL

I love shojo manga <3
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Yay an update! This made my day :D

I love that Haruka is here now.
*hugs all around*

No no no no- thank YOU for taking the time and effort to produce 4KH. It's a wonderful comic <3. I for one love reading it.

The art looks great today I love Minako's plotting laughter in the fifth panel.

I also find it amusing to hear the words 'Helios' and 'Horny' in the same sentence.

I'm still laughing.

I can't wait for Chibiusa to make her big appearance.
This reminds me of when Usagi hadn't realize Artemis was in love with Luna.

She just never changes huh? Ha ha
Tee hee- I thought I'd join in your fun ^^;
Me thinks Helios may have told a wittle lie. ^^

Great page. Helios looks very boyish and adorable. I love his hair in the second panel.

Final panel = win.

Is that Starbucks the boys are chugging? XD
I really love this page.

I like Fisheye seems to reflect Zoicite and Tigerseye is like Nephrite and Hawkseye is making a similar expression to Kunzite.

I always loved the idea of the trio ending up as a Neo-Shitennou if Chibiusa married Helios <3.

Hee hee.

You're Helios is adorable, btw.

I think I get it ^^

Very cool!

^^ So now the plot unfolds a little more. Great job, Frizz. I bet it was a lot of hard work doing 4 pages at once!
I'm guessing that Helios is shocked to see an old friend turned enemy wondering around. ^^;;

I'm very interested to see your interp of how Helios and Kunzite might know one another :3
OMG- Poor Helios! Ha ha.

I'm loving his sparkely 'bishie' eyes. XD
SQUEEEE er I mean Scream
... there are no words to express my fan girl-ish joy for this page. That is all.

*glomps Helios*

that outfit...

Wow. Somehow that is SO Minako.

It reminds me of the SuperS episode where she pretends to be an idle for the preschoolers. That outfit she wore...omg.

THIS page, makes the last page even better.

Ooooh, time to 'clock' in a new comment ;)

I adore your interpretation of Nephrite. His faces are so precious and he is such a... well... he's such a guy! XD

Rar- ball scratch - rar!

And the art is looking REALLY crisp and clean these days! Yay *claps*

Of course, you were always amazing. ;)

I can't wait to see Minako flail over her late date... or maybe she's even later than he is...

or maybe she's two timing...

Who knows w/ Minako?!? eh? XD XD
So I was thinking it was Maryland Monroe on the shirt.

I read someone else say Lady Gaga, and I did a double take thinking, no way it's Maryland Monroe! But then I thought... somehow Lady Gaga would suit the way you have Zoi characterized.

I'm still pretty sure it's Maryland Monroe though.

The drawings are looking great.

My favorite panel is the one with Nephy going 'lol wut' and Zoi looking super annoyed. XD XD
Golden Kingdom Art
These last couple of flash back pages really inspired me, Frizz!

I did a drawing of my own and I'm really really happy with it, so I thought I'd thank you for being awesome and helping me fight art block. :D

(link to drawing ^)
Lookin good Frizz!

The plot thickens! <3
*squee* Do we get to see Lethe and Mnemosyne? :D

Sorry you've been sick. I hope you feel better.
D'aawwwww, Chibi Mamo-chan!
Fieldmouse Pudding
Kunzite <3

I wonder what if the flowers are relevant to the plot? Probably. :p
lol Beryl in a comedy. XD

If poor Usagi didn't have enough rivals already! (cause as Ami points out in the R movie, even men like Mamoru!)

This reminds me of a myu song... with Pluto and... ya know.