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Cafe Suada
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Antony & Cleopatra
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Comment on Cafe Suada is officially BACK November 9th! of Cafe Suada
Lyco, 22 Oct 2016 08:12 am
Thanks to my patrons on Patreon, Cafe Suada will at last be making it's comeback, November 9th. You can read the series on Smackjeeves, Tapastic, Webtoon (which is catching up at the moment), or Patreon!

If you have waited quite long enough in your opinion, you can get the brand new pages a week early! Just sign up and pledge to my Patreon and you will see new pages before anyone else:

I wouldn't be making this announcement without the support of my patrons, so thank you all so much! I'm so ecstatic to be drawing Geraldine again. Please look forward to the new chapter!
Comment on Calling all Tea Fans of Cafe Suada
Lyco, 17 Aug 2016 07:50 am
I want Cafe Suada back as much as you guys, but things are tight financially right now - every $1 pledged to my Patreon
or spent in my shop
is hugely appreciated.

We're only $14 away from Cafe Suada resuming weekly cupdates! If you support, then who knows, it could even come back as soon as next month.
Comment on Where I've Been... of Cafe Suada
Lyco, 10 Aug 2016 10:54 am
I really am sorry for the delay in getting back to Cafe Suada. Marie just consumed my life! Now that the book is out I'm really excited to share it with you. Please consider ordering a copy to enjoy while you wait for me to return to Geraldine's story.

And remember that if you want Cafe Suada back faster, helping me out through Patreon will make that happen sooner!
Comment on WASP 2016 of Cafe Suada
Lyco, 24 Feb 2016 05:06 am
Hi tea fans, phwoof, it's been a while!
First off let me apologise for the stupidly long hiatus. Turns out, it takes a very long time to make a graphic novel, but even longer to actually get it published haha! So I've been busy with that and freelance work, so I apologise for the wait.

Secondly, look, it's a cupdate! It's WASP week, or rather Webcomic Artist Swap Week, so for this Cafe Suada cupdate you guys get a guest comic drawn by Foxhat (creator of the comic Demontail).

She did a lovely job - make sure you all check out her comic too!

I also did a guest comic for Paula Albaneze's Tamino and the Magic Flute as part of WASP week, which you can check out here:

I hope these comics can tide you all over for a little longer while I sort my shit out and get cracking on Cup 6. I promise it's coming. And you guys are gonna love it.
Comment on Cup 6 Teaser! of Cafe Suada
Lyco, 13 May 2015 09:53 am
And here it is! I've so been looking forward to teasing Cup 6, it's going to be LOTS of fun next chapter.

Cafe Suada will be on a break for a bit while I prepare for that - In the meantime please keep an eye out here and on my site or my twitter for news on when Cup 6 will be up. I'm going to be at London MCM Comic Con next week, so if you're going do stop by and pick up a copy of Cup 5!

Thanks as always for reading and supporting Cafe Suada, hope you're all looking forward to Cup 6: The Great British Beach Episode!
Comment on Bonus: Bad Idea of Cafe Suada
Lyco, 06 May 2015 09:37 am
And that's it for Cup 5! Really hope you all enjoyed it! Be sure to check in next week to find out what's coming next for the gang!
Comment on More Soup of Cafe Suada
Lyco, 29 Apr 2015 05:04 am
The End, but not quite! There's a bonus page coming next week!

Thank you all as always for your comments, I have been reading them but haven't had a chance to reply! I'm inking like crazy at the moment.

But if you're in Brighton, then you can come and see me on one of my rare breaks XD I'll be there this Friday at the University to do a talk on diverse characters in comics. It's free, so come along if you're in the area :)
Comment on company retreat of Cafe Suada
Lyco, 22 Apr 2015 05:41 am
Summer is here, time to whip out the shades.

... I'm not joking, my eyes can't handle bright sunlight D:
Comment on if you insist of Cafe Suada
Lyco, 15 Apr 2015 05:31 am
If you don't keep up with my tumblr/twitter (well, first, you totally should, I put Cafe Suada information, plus sketches, and other goofy shit on there) then you wouldn't know so here it is again:

Cafe Suada Cup 5 PRINT EDITION is going to be ready for May MCM London Comic Con, which I will be attending for 3 days! Hope you are all looking forward to getting your hands on a copy!
Comment on cornish tea estate of Cafe Suada
Lyco, 08 Apr 2015 05:37 am
Ugh, I nearly forgot to upload this before I head out to teach a workshop, my head hurts so bad from a migraine I keep forgetting to do things >A<

Oh well, it's up so enjoy! Thank you all for reading.

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