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Comic artist and illustrator. You can check out more of my stuff over at
Why the persistent calls? We're gonna find out in Cup 8...

There'll be a preview/teaser up next week, then a break, and then if all goes according to plan Cup 8 should start the week after. But if I need a bit longer I'll keep you all updated!
Someone just really, REALLY wants to talk to Ewan. And there's also someone on the phone ;)
Rekindling one friendship makes you wanna forge another, I s'pose.
I feel like Dark Moon has an unfair advantage what with being open for longer than Piyo Piyo most days.
Robotically awkward Geraldine brought me so much joy to draw.

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Just two hardworkers chatting in a petal storm.

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Where would you rather hang out, Piyo Piyo, Dark Moon, or Boba Pastel? :O Cause it looks like Rosette and Pam have made their choice!
As more blossoms fall, Eliya points out the obvious.
@cherish.york can confirm, it's the real dealio!
You ever just been straight up BLINDED by a gift of kindness
You think she will?
I'm so proud of this page!
Yes, pop those old, OLD art flashbacks Gerry
Acknowledging your mistakes can be hard.
A moments contemplation.
When the interview went poorly but your resume was excellent.
Juicy backstory tidbits.
Lovers to exes to rivals to...
February 27th, 2019
And here comes the truth...
February 20th, 2019
You should never touch someone's wheelchair without consent.