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Comic artist and illustrator. You can check out more of my stuff over at
Cream with ringlets might be my favourite Cream so far. Have you missed her as much as I?
September 11th, 2019
Betcha didn't think you'd see the fortuneteller and her amazing nails again.
September 4th, 2019
How are we liking Gerry's embroidered shorts?
@cherish.york: Ewan says "Hey, it's me, ya boi, who loves and appreciates you."

@Puppies&Art: Everyone loves his hair!! In fact we had a lengthy chat about his hairdresser and style on my last twitch stream hahaha XD You should join us sometime!
Where is he?
Gerry's face is like playdoh, it's the most fun thing to mess around with.
What's got Geraldine in a twist?
Don't ask me why he took off the jumper-vest but kept the leggings. There are some things even I do not know.
@cherish.york: Lol turns out he's just been too busy hanging out with you huh :P

@Puppies&Art: Aw yeah! It's gonna be up in a couple days~! Also nice guess about it being Ewan's Mum at the end of Cup 7 :)
You can order your very own Piyo Piyo egg timer and teapot as... soon as I figure out how to make them >u>
(Sorry, that's a bit of a loud way to introduce this rather tranquil start to Cup 8. I'm just. Very EXCITED.)
So, Cup 8 has a title for you to puzzle over: Tea Lights, Big City!! There will be a short break now, thanks for your patience and I hope you're looking forward to reading Cup 8!
Why the persistent calls? We're gonna find out in Cup 8...

There'll be a preview/teaser up next week, then a break, and then if all goes according to plan Cup 8 should start the week after. But if I need a bit longer I'll keep you all updated!
Someone just really, REALLY wants to talk to Ewan. And there's also someone on the phone ;)
Rekindling one friendship makes you wanna forge another, I s'pose.
I feel like Dark Moon has an unfair advantage what with being open for longer than Piyo Piyo most days.
Robotically awkward Geraldine brought me so much joy to draw.

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Just two hardworkers chatting in a petal storm.

Also don't forget there's just over a week left to get the SPECIAL OFFER over on my Patreon!!
Where would you rather hang out, Piyo Piyo, Dark Moon, or Boba Pastel? :O Cause it looks like Rosette and Pam have made their choice!
As more blossoms fall, Eliya points out the obvious.