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@cherish.york: I KNEW you'd say that! ;D
@DianaJones: You spotted it!
Slurpy lips are tough to draw!
Basic sneaking 101: Put your phone on silent, geez!
Who do you think's more charming, Ewan or Eliya?
I wish there was a bubble tea place near me. Miss those tasty bubbles!
Welcome to Boba Pastel!
I'm very pleased I found a way of working in that Cup 1 reference.
Thank you Cherish! I definitely got enough rest.

(It makes me so happy someone else appreciates the beauty of this magnificent dork.)
Would you want to dress up and take a selfie with Pam?
Sorry for the short hiatus last week, I had to take a break for health reasons - there's more info on my Patreon, but suffice to say I'm much better now! Thanks for your patience, hope these outfits were worth it!
Look's like someone's had a bright idea.
Careful with that spoon, Gerry.
Friendship, one step at a time.
You may be doing nothing for Gerry, but you're doin' alright by me Ewan.

I'm at MCM London Comic Con this weekend, Friday-Sunday on table 208 in comic village. Do stop by if you can!
There's always a bigger fish.
Are you in there, Gerry?
Final reminder that I'll be at TCAF this weekend (at the Toronto Reference Library) May 12th-13th! I'll also be teaching a comics lettering workshop on the Saturday morning, so please come along!
That CRUSH YOU panel was reeeeally tricky.
I'll be at Toronto Comic Art Festival next week, May 12th-13th, so come see me and hang out!
Hahaha, you seem to be one of the few people sticking with Geraldine through this battle Cherish!
We shall see who... "wins"...
Ah don't worry @ThatRandomGal, I understand! It's pretty expensive for me to go too (oof, flights...), but hopefully I can do it again another year and we can meet each other someday!