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He looks so different compared to his info page....
okay, simple and quick, i know, i know.

i wasn't sure whether to include introductions.....
i can try to do the next page, if everyone wants :3
i just finished my last project in my art class, so I HAVE FREE TIMMMMEEEEE.
October 18th, 2012
He is /Adorable/.
October 5th, 2012
@pucha: sounds good~.
September 30th, 2012
i really like 1&4.....

i thought i'd try and kick-start the revival....
oh law-dee...Dominatre has hunked up.
Not much of his bio has changed, really, i think....other than some unwritten background info.....

But here's his updated Version~:

Kingdom: has Alliances in both kingdoms
Species: Unknown, but seems to be some sort of elfin creature.
Job: Theif
Specialty: thieving and hand to hand combat
Weapon of choice: HIS FISTS OF JUSTICE.

Companion: Ratashram, the eye pendant he wears around his neck. (its an ACTUAL eye from a mysterious dragon spirit). Domi and Ratashram can merge together only when Domi is in such danger, that his life is on the line…. Ratashram needs a live donor to keep himself alive. The only bad thing, is that the merge takes a lot out of both of them. Ratashram can also talk to domi..but no one else hears it.

-food (he can eat a whole table of food by himself…probably an effect of being with Ratashram for so long
- piercings (or any kind of shiny jewelry)
-being active. He cant sit still for a long time without getting jumpy.
- other Semes >:3
- Blood/ gore/ untidy gross-ness
- crowds
- people complaining
- seeing people he cares about being hurt.

Personality: he;s a cocky bastard and an actor at heart. He uses his skills to mostly rob from Aristocrats passing through town.
He is usually the first to state the obvious, and the last to charge into the fight….he’d rather see people die from a distance, than actually being next to them.

History: not much is known about his history, and when someone tries to make him open up about it, he shuts down. There are hints in some of his actions that he is from a family of wealth and power: he walks in a confident stride, speaks in a Proper dialect, and has impeccable hygiene.
@VikingScarecrow & @pucha: A timeskip sounds Great, and i think it gives us all a chance to re-know our charcters :3
god, its been forever since i was able to actually GET to a computer.... >>


but college starts soon.... TT^TT

But if everyone else is back in, i'd be glad start uploading again!
i am SO sorry for disapearing like that with no reason..

lots of things have been going on in my personal life, along with the stress of school, and of looking at various Colleges.....

but now, i'm back in full force with a new art style and new markers~!

Also, regarding the picture, i know his tattoo is different, and things arent all correct....(i did this in school when i didnt have any refrence pictures ><)
i've been drawing alot of Ratashram maybe we'll get to see more of him soon~
"you killed him!"
"you bastard!"

god, i just had flashbacks to South Park.
Yashel's father is so handsome thought >:3
December 9th, 2011
YAY INCONSISTENT ART!...wait.....uh...
sorry its a bit late~
school is kicking meh butt >M<
poor domi.

i love his transformation. can't wait to see what else he turns into >:3
*dies from exposure to pure epicness*

@Krio: yesh.
short and sweet <3

anyone can take it where ever they please~!

those hands....... ><
and he has every right to *evil face*
fruits of boredom
so, usually, in my family, we will go out to dinner and just talk.

last night, we were at O'Charlie's for about three hours.

this is the result >:)
please say SOMEONE gets the reference in the title *crosses fingers*
Ratashram uses Nag!
Dominate uses ignore! its not that effective.

'Shram's dialogue in order is
"thats not a cat, thats food!"
"dont tell them your name, Imbecile!"

sorry they turned out so dark TT^TT
December 4th, 2011
domi is not pleased. but Snow is >:3

i'll do the next page >:3
so...cute...must not....... attack....

*glomps and smothers him with love*