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Greetings and good evening~ I am here to learn a bit more about comics and attempt to make a start in making comics. Though my focus is more on animation I figure making comics is probably a good place to start... Having all kinds of problems 'starting' tho.
Currently have about 6 stories in stock (about 4 major, 2 short ones.. or is it 5 and 1) All of which original stories n elements in them... except for the pokemon. BETCHA CANT WAIT FOR THAT ONE 8D
also, LEAVE CRITICIZMS ABOUT MY WORK. I like all critics about my work. Please critique as much as you can. PLEEASE
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    Hiyo (no not real name :P)
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very nice, he knows what he did :D
I think I've come to understand what your 'surprise cliffs' are all about now. They look much smaller in the game o3o
Anyways, love this comic series so far :D I just adore how incredibly bitter that guy is to... everything... Tho I'm hoping he ends up catching on to the whole pokemon thing some time. Not catching on like Ash with love and peace burned into his very cells, but rather getting the hang of fighting. The battles seem to be rather onesided so far.
Looking forward to what your master plan with this is 8D

and as for a cover picture thing if you haven't decided on it yet. How bout some more famous 'cliff dangling' shots... with Kahn chilling with squirtle and DT looking down at Atty caught on a branch. With a Ratata on his head as well XD