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I like making up stories and drawing~ XDD
Trying to draw manga as good as possible~ -> Still learning >.<"

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Kokoro SHOOT! -> Weekly
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Updates~ I hope I can really get in tune with the 2 pages per week, still not quite used to it yet Orz~ But I'll try to keep up with it~ ^W^

I have a feeling that Ai is becoming like a bad-ass character at the end of this chapter Orz~ (Hey, but not everyone only has strong points and don't have a bad side of them *shrug* it just means she has alot of growing up to do XDD)

Next page will be the last page of this chapter, and yes it'll be a "new" scenario next chapter XDD~
Update~ I've spent alot of time on the lining and toning, but at least the result came out good, so I'm satisfied~

Ai is a very good girl who thought for her friend, but as a person wise... *smack*
Sometimes we shouldn't just judge people base on appearance or how they behave normally. =W="
Sorry for the 2 weeks wait~ I was too busy last week to make a page, so here's two pages for this week~ I planned to keep doing it as a two page spread each week, hope this don't stretch your screen too much~ =W="

And new template / layout for the site~ I've tried editing and customizing as much as I could, pardon the limited website coding skills~ Orz Hope that you all like the new layout~ ^W^

Some other talks about this page~
I've always wanted to show the strong friendship between Ai and In (something I don't think I've portrayed much in the last version) Ai is considered a good friend? - I hope so >.<"

And ooh~ Ai letting down her hair~~ OWO
(It's been ages since I've drawn papa-chan LOL)
Can't believe how big a struggle I went through just to draw this page Orz~ I just draw and place everything but nothing looks like they're in place T^T~ *redraws and redraws*

I like seeing how In pleads~ *evil laugh*
...It's so hard to reject when someone pleads that much to you~

Pages from next page onwards will be all double spread/double page~ So each update will be X2 pages~!
Hope I don't take twice the time to draw them though ^^;

PS: I need to revamp the layout someday, I can't seem to find a theme that fits Kokoro SHOOT! somehow... =W=" *Yet I sucks at html, hope I don't make it even more horrible looking~ Orz
@ Firanda: haha XD You like the evil shin better? XDDD
@Firanda: Haha~ Feel free to kidnap him, I'll pretend I didn't see that happening~ XDD
Ai's portray of Shin~ How come he's so different from last page LOL~
New page~ I got lazy in toning this page and stick to just using glow instead LOL~

Yeah, that is Shin on that page, even though In always call him by his surname "Kageru" instead, they aren't really that close actually to call each other by names~ ^^;
He... looks very different from a few pages earlier on Orz~ (my character style changes alot within a few month =W=")
Hopefully that now I'm having my break like finally~ I'll have more time to work on more pages...
Really sorry for the little hiatus here and there... =W="

Updates~ Seriously if Ai is asking me instead on who I like, I'm going to bash her~ D< (I just love my privacy too much LOL, anyway I don't have anyone that I like =p)

Next page is going to reveal who In's love interest is~ (which I think almost everyone knows already~ Orz)
Woah, it's been three weeks + since I last update?!
Can't believe I drag that page so long...
I only remember that I seems to work on this page since forever =w="

Ai is bound to be found out sooner or later I guess -w-"
I always found this kind of scene in shoujo manga quite frequently? Even though it's mostly a guy being confessed to most of the time XDD~
@shinjilim: Really?! ^W^
Thank you very much~ XDDD
@Firanda: Hi~! Nice to see you back~ ^W^
Okay, I'll try to upload more pages soon~ XDD
Update~ Finally, this confession scenario is coming to an end...
I kind of feel sad for this guy, and makes me feel abit sad seeing him leaving~ T^T (Wasn't you the one who planned all this...)

Not sure will I ever make him appear again =w=" Anyone wants him back? XDDD
I'm back~~ After a very long hiatus~ I'm very sorry about it~ >.<" I've been very busy with schoolwork lately for the past few months... Orz

Can't believe I left the confession scene hanging there for soooo long~ I felt sorry for the "unnamed" guy Orz~
But well, I guess life's like that, sometimes you succeed, sometimes you don't ^^;

Yes, In has someone that she likes~ (She's nodding in the last panel - forgotten to put the word nods there =W=")

PS: I'll try to update this as frequently as I can~ >.<"
@ Everyone: Wow... Didn't realise I'll get more comments on this scene 0.0~
@ CHARIL: Thanks~! ^W^
September 5th, 2010
Will be going abroad tomorrow~ 6-26Sept.
Won't be able to update or do any pages over there T^T~
Sorry for no updates this week, I've been really busy packing these few days... Orz
@ Airse: Hehe, answer on the next page~ XD
Fake "Shoujo" scene Orz
Way to ruin the moment, Naoshi... =W="
Which kids still do stuff nowadays at 15? I think I have a bunch of childish characters XDD~

PS: Oh yeah, I had no idea how that bloated Naoshi got onto my page... *art block* =W="
@ THEGOLDENAGEOFSUMMER: Really? ^W^ I'm glad you like him~
Has no idea why am I drawing a rejection scene... =W="