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So Happy to see an update.
Your artwork is lovely.

Hope you feel better soon.
December 1st, 2014
Finger Touch
He looks at her finger like "Why is that pointed at me?"
Then touch.
She's looking at him like "That is not a normal response."

Hope you enjoyed you Thanksgiving and it was filled with wonderful (wondrous) foods.
@Joff: I've been missing Chaos lately
I'm glad you're updating again and hope the schedule works out for you.
Good Luck with College!

Looking forward to seeing what happens next. ^_^
December 19th, 2011
I live in New England and the only Winter Wonderland we've had so far was for Halloween. :(
@bluswordgrl: That scene was totally awesome - "Manuel! Relay instructions."
December 12th, 2011
Poor Angel - I loved seeing her vented frustrations though.

Resignation letter - complete with insults: Check
Flowing script: Check
In Pink with Hearts: Icing on cake
Badass landlord is badass!
Can I get one just like him?
October 18th, 2011
I love the first two your so nice - wait what?!
2 days
I stumbled upon this comic while looking through the SJ Awards and I am sooo happy I found it!!
I started reading yesterday and just caught up. I love the art style and the characters are fun.
For the record, I'm reading this comic through for the third, no wait, fourth time.

You and your catchy story/artwork!!!! ^_^ I'm also going through your DA gallery again...and making myself sound stalker-ish...
I have been reading your comic on and off almost since it started. For a few years, I stopped reading webcomics entirely. When I started reading them again, I found DaL all over again.
I still love the story and the characters. You have done an amazing job.
As for the grammar - English has some of the weirdest rules. The fact that you are self taught is vastly impressive.
Any time I might have seen errors, they were never huge. I say might because I enjoy this story to the extent that I'm not noticing them.

Thank you, for your time, your story, and your art.