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Don't ask, don't tell.
They're gonna do it~!
Having too much fun with this~!
1 hr and 15 min in ComicWorks~!
Probably should've started with this one~! Fully completed in 2 hours, lolz~!
These are supposed to be more funny than beautiful~!
Page 10
Started it up again~! Sorry if it seems all political-ly right now, still in exposition phase~! Please don't give up on meeee~!
Re: Stupid101: Sorry if it seemed confusing~! The Mother did die and then The Boy died afterwards.

Re:Ami the Alien: Thank you sooo much~! I need you to follow me around so that when somebody tells me that my work is weird or not pretty your praise will validate me and I will create something that will get me blacklisted~!
Aww~! Thanks guys~! ::Goes off to corrupt more innocent minds::
Re: Nymuellia
Thank yous~! I always get worried that I either didn't make the story easy to follow or that it was too twisted. XD Faith restored~! <33
And they lived happily ever after~! The End~!

Sorry, had to add the sick humor in the end~! I had this done over a year ago, and didn't scan them in until yesterday, so sorry that the art is all old and moldy~! I want to redraw a good portion of these pages, but it's a short story and I'm just happy it's finally finished~! Hope you liked it~! <33
Re: His mom is Sadako!
Her pastimes include dying in attics and killing cats~!
>< I had to fix a typo and I think I accidentally deleted a comment~! My only one D:!!
Hey Dave~! It's Sarah~! Finally became a member so that I could be a fan~! (I've been checking every Thursday for updates though~!)
@Midnitez: Thanks for the compliment~! Checking them out now~!
@flynfreako: Thank you~!