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My hobbies are gardening, looking at web comics and playing games.
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    Russell James Hallesy
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quite lovely if I must say so myself
it's alright for you to not be updating if so much stuff is happening already. hope your wedding goes well though.
well, neat fusion. other than that, a tentacruel with a seviper would be interesting. oh, and how about roselia with it's pre-evolution, think it was a bud-something for the name
aha, seems that artdirector also has a tendency to have fusions in mind. though moving on, a computer type rotom (or however ya spell it's name) would be interesting.
I've been wondering, why the gap in updates? oh right, life does happen. wait a sec, did I jus- no no, this is not a time to go on a rant again.
actually I'm interested in buying it when it comes out. after all, the artwork is very good.
actually for the sword thing, just color the lighter shading more lightly and make it more whiteish. that'd most likely make it so that it looks a tad more sharp. just seeing if I can help ya out right now.
you forgot one important thing. Do not piss off Hilary. There is no escape if you do, bye bye character~
hiro's expression is the same as mine. a cake, that large? really?
just bagging up the baggage, just bagging him up and putting him in the dark closet.
kiss on the lips. appears to be the wrong lips ya got there.
so many funny things
I think hiro finds his one day relationship in danger
perfect walk in time
ooh, zombie referencing
fear the toddlers, fear them!
I can just imagine a doom sound effect right here.
"'cause he's stupid" nice one kid, very nice. I think at the moment the kid is a tad more learned than his elder in this case.
and he got feelings he didn't really want. woo
cute kitten eyes? a smack can deal with that. nice way of going away from the trend. Again.
re-reading this comic again. anywho, gotta love the third panel. it's so full of mushy wushy love. that and do you smell something burning?