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Just a simple little writer who's just having fun ^^
yea I suck, srry v.v;

but if it helps here's what I'm working on in order to make my art better->
I want to practice a bit more with drawing the characters before I go to the comic part so here's more Kiwi
because we can never have enough Kiwi XD
@DarkReaperProductions: oh my a comment! Welcome :D
ahah yay someone who feels like me >3<
the story is usually the best part though :D
I mean artwork can be pretty, but for comics I feel without the writing it would just be looking at pretty pictures. Which isn't bad, but when reading a comic I want it to be about something ya know? ^^;

though to be honest I like the style I'm drawing in for the comic <3

thank you so much for trying my comic though ^_^
goood computer
it didn't delete it this time >3<
sooo happy
sorry! T_T
sooooo much rush
I never knew trying to keep up with my own deadlines was going to be sooo tough! @.@

Anyways last prologue page!
Almost late T_T
Sorry! DX
I was almost soooo late with this ;.;
No clue
Why the backgrounds are such crap XD
So many angles are completely wrong like the pyramid is too small and so on, but it's done ^^;

Time to start on the next one! Hopefully it will be done before next weekend.

Even though it's not the weekend now... Thinking of making it just the deadline for the page; like I have to be done either before the weekend or at the weekend, but after the weekend is over-due!

Or something like that lol
Soon it shall start
Cover page for the Prologue
Test test!
1, 2, 3!
Ahaha sorry I can be a bit silly ^^;

For those who don't know me, I've always wanted to have a webcomic (I think they are fun) yet haven't until now because I was waiting on an artist to join me .... I gave up waiting ^^;

I am hoping to update every weekend so it will either be a Saturday or Sunday. It's not for sure since my work likes working me randomly (meaning I could be working any time any day and it sucks).

For those who know me- look look! I actually have a webcomic lol

In any case welcome and I hope you enjoy. Backgrounds are all hand-drawn because like I said- I have no idea what I'm doing ^^;
@Devdasi: oh didn't recognize it because the merboy's hair changed and it's been awhile XD
okay ignore me >3<
i want to know the boat prince's story now XD
November 28th, 2014
his thought bubble is gone :O
but great work! you've done great >3<
don't leave hunter T_T
you're a good guy D:

you should be the new sandman or something since the old one is sooo evil >.<
though nightmares are good too so you'll have to stop killing them DX
September 26th, 2014
Oh! it's the little thing he saved! nooo don't kill him DX
September 14th, 2014
flashback? cole hurry DX
Jasper you're going to worry the Hunter about showing concern for a "nightmare" DX
Though that might lead to an AWESOME team up :D
@Mr.Mustache: that's good >3<
and thanks for the link <3

ahah that's understandable ^_^
@Mr.Mustache: ah! I meant no offence, honest @.@
just not interested in the shirt is all. I mean I know you put your heart into it, but really isn't my cup of tea.
The link doesn't show any (or at least not on my screen) with just the book and I wouldn't mind just having the book so that there would be more shirts for those would would want one.

Sorry if my question came off mean I really didn't mean to, honest @.@
any with just the book? owo