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One day I will make a comic....yea probably not...
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That house is Aaaamazing XD
Oh how I love lovers spats and challenges...I'm interested in seeing who will break first >=]
Vagina Kisser...Theres just no words....too funny man. =D
These last couple pages have just made me go. "Aaaw, young Love."
The smiles where done very nicely.

And oh snap, here comes the little green kitty Cat!
LoL Oh I can just picture the Talking doctors[Thats what my mom use to call Therapist] face which I have a feeling that will either be the next page or the one after that.
I read that book. Not my fav but it was good.

And If its what Im thinking I always wanted to read One thousand and One nights. And I laughed so hard at the last panel XD.
LoL did Pip bail in the last panel. He's gone. Of course after that I would run too before the screaming started.

Poor woman, yet so very entertaining at the same time.
LMAO @CrippleCakes comment

Well isnt this interesting...and might I add that I love the fact you can actually see the age in the characters. They don't all look 17.
Only a real man will admit that he's going to go home to cry! Haha
WHAT A TWIST! And I like it!

LoL but yes it was a shock and now the rivalry makes sense. Al thought I was kinda shipping them but the whole siblings stops that. Incest is so not the best, peoples.

Last panel is very cute with Trix's smile contrasting Thad's scowl =D
You coloring is so nice, you should always color 0.o

although I know its a pain and I* like your black and white pages as well.
lol Im so confused, but Im looking forward to the future pages. Its got my attention *thimbs up*

And Oh wow, How times have changed when a straight relationship is considered a crime. Srsly what is wrong with a boy loving a girl (not that I have a problem with BL or GL) but yea its refreshing to see something not BL.

although Ill say it again I dont have a problem with BL/GL

Anyways rant over, keep up the good work. I cant wait to see whats going on with these kids.
God thats so epic lol
Haha last panel is so awesome. Thats right Bran fly away from your shame.

haha poor guy..
I'm partial to the knife panel too ;D
Of all the things that smiley face in the 4th panel freaks me out lol.
I always fancied myself knowledgeable in folklore/fairytales but I gotta say I learn a lot of things fro your story and more in depth comments. Bravo you surely do your research and to me that what makes the story more engaging
"Fuck Work"
Haha, Can't..Stop...Laughing =D

hmm, I wonder if you get vacation days for avenging your brothers death?
OMG The duckie!

I wants it! hehe

*steals and pets the duck while laughing manically*