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Hmm, let's see:

amount of comics run by myself alone: 0(D**n)

number of sprite sheets completed:0 (D**n)

number of people to call me a failure :0 (YAY!)


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I'd hate to be standing there.
December 19th, 2010
ya know I'm tempted to make a straight jacket sprite, tie your character up in it and have him dangle above a pit full of vipers and lions.
@ anta it's quite simple the pants produce their own light. But seriously, because the bangs block the light the light lands there.
So... yeah I made myself an author form.

Bio: Species: civet. Powers: Celestially Music based. Age: 16

Attacks: Rhythm Break, Meteoric Symphony,
Nova Sharp and Treble Eruption.
Favorite color: Gold. Weapons: Shuriken and Celestial Guitar.
Class: Speed .
*stares at upper right friend pose* LE GASP! Kainor's included?! Wow... that's new. A character of mine actually counted in something....I'm so touched 8D
44444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 4444444444444444444!

What species is she anyway?
hey do you possibly know where I can find human sprites?
* backs away from lou* yeeaaaahhhh, excuse me while I go get an army.
a mix between Nile crocodile and snake. Nile crocodile tastes like chicken and snake tastes like guinea pig.
yes lou plants are an easy source of plant :p
Kinda chewy, but taste like giraffe.
well yes it easier to catch plants.... but I mean we lived on meat so long... they were just an easy source of meat.
I prefer not to think about that. and we did eat plants and such but it was pretty easy to catch the pangolins at dawn so we ate them.
God intended for all life to be sacred but because the Jurijinkinko pangolin saved us during a time of famine we consider it sacred.

Edit: isn't this conversation over? I mean I'm going to change the sprite so do we really want to do this?
we ate them of course. and Lou due to your extremely convincing debate skills i concede and will make the plates smaller and at guest: YOU CAN'T RIDE A FOOT AND A HALF TALL CREATURE WITH SERRATED PLATES ON IT'S BACK THAT WILL CUT YOUR ASS TO RIBBONS. ya know unless you're stupid and if that's the case we tie you to it and make it run into the desert . and lou they helped my people because I am Egyptian after the Jews left we had some hard times and had to eat them.

Edit: no Lou that is a regular pangolin not a Jurijinkinko.
First, we do not worship it but we consider it sacred because they helped us during jesus's time. Lou you're right about the physics about a creature not being able to keep his head up but what I must argue is that the plates do come out of his back as well so his head is not entirely supporting the weight. I applaud you good sir, for using your brain in matters that don't require it. For this, you have earned my respect.
Lou I have absolutely no problem with changing a sprite that I feel needs changing and has a reasonable change that is necessary but is long hair really an issue?
Shading is something I will improve but the Jurijinkinko Pangolin does have plates that go down it's back like so and they are proportional to each other and quite frankly seeing as I do not now who you are you being disappointed has absolutely no meaning to me. And the Jurijinkinko pangolin is sacred to my people and we keep it under tight wraps so it's not going to be on Google or Bing or whatever you use.